Interesting take.

To add to Yehudit Hannah Cohn’s comment below.

First, I’d recommend reading Yuval Noah Harari’s latest book ‘Homo Deus A Brief History of Tomorrow’

There is a lot more disruption happening than just what will occur with personal transportation and all the interconnected supply chains and jobs that will disappear almost overnight because of said disruption.

Yehudit asks: ‘(like, what _are_ those doctors and nurses supposed to do for work?)’

Well according to Yuval’s book they are already going to be mostly superflous and out of jobs anyways, because of technology such as AI and robotics.

But let’s think about the changing city landscapes. All that real estate and land currently dedicated to parking facilities. One might Imagine there will be a need to build solar farms above them, maybe truck drivers and other lower skilled workers can be retrained to install these and connect them to microgrids. That isn’t brain surgery. As for the medical professionals, as part of their studies they had to take a lot of courses in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology etc… and might be retrained in artificial ecosystems and help install and maintain aquaponics and hydroponics farms in all that empty parking space beneath the new solar panels…

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure most of us will not be buying new cars and our children even less likely to be doing so. I lived in NYC at one time, when I moved there I quickly found that owning a private automobile made no economic sense. I’ll bet that is going to happen to a lot more people in the future!

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