It Could Happen to You
Breanna Hughes

I know this is completely endemic to the entire tech industry, but for Uber specifically I’m not sure why anyone would expect any different. It is, after all, explicitly a company that is about exploiting people and pretending that they are not employees while setting all the terms of their employment. One of its effects is a measurable slowdown of public transit in the cities in which it operates, which hurts anyone who is not in a position to take Uber on a regular basis. And it proudly states that it is going to invest as heavily as it can in self-driving cars, thus ensuring that it can maximally ‘disrupt’ (i.e. ‘drive people out of work’) as much as it can. While at the same time its leader is firmly against, you know, helping the people he puts out of work.

So sure, the tech industry as a whole is sexist as fuck, but going into Uber and expecting it to treat you like a human being when it has shown that it has absolutely no interest in treating anyone except its owners and its C-level employees like human beings is… well, let’s just call it unwise.

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