Holly, I truly like and respect your writing, but here’s my problem with this article.
Robert Cormack

This is very telling: “Holly, I truly like and respect your writing, but here’s my problem with this article. In my industry, advertising, woman now represent over 70% of the workforce and hold some of the top CEO and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) positions in agencies around the world.”

Note the phrase ‘some of’. This is different than ‘most of’. Indeed, most of the CEOs and CCOs of large advertising agencies are men, even while the workforce is 70% female. And yet you present the fact that women ‘hold some of the top CEO and CCO positions’ (but not most) when the profession is majority female is a problem *for men*. That’s mystifying enough to me.

But also, just to pick a little bit at your entire premise: surely you would concede that, if professions were all 100% perfectly fair, there would be some that would have a great deal more men than women, just because there are so many different professions out there that there are guaranteed to be some outliers. That’s how randomness WORKS. And likewise there would be some that had a great deal more women than men. And even if the playing field is massively tilted in favor of one gender or the other, it would still make sense that some of those outliers would exist.

So if we look around and we see 90% of the high-paying professions still hugely male-dominated, and then we look at your profession and see that it is female-dominated, do we then determine that “this isn’t the male-dominatd world you describe anymore”? Or do we determine that although YOU might not live in that world, more or less all of the rest of us do?

Mind you, there’s also the fun fact that as a profession becomes more female-friendly, the pay in that profession decreases. (And, indeed, when women leave a job and it becomes overwhelmingly male-dominated, the pay goes up.) There’s a nice little recent study on this: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/20/upshot/as-women-take-over-a-male-dominated-field-the-pay-drops.html?_r=0

As for women thinking of Trump as ‘big daddy’, that concept makes my skin crawl. I would definitely not like to be Trump’s child, given several of the things he’s said, especially about Ivanka. Yeesh.

If people want their president to be a ‘father figure’, then Clinton was doomed from the start. If people want their president to actually usefully lead the government of the United States, then Trump was doomed from the start. And, since there have basically been no polls showing Trump with any significant lead since the beginning of the actual presidential race, I think we have our answer there.

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