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Dr. Freda Deskin (10)
Dr. Freda Deskin (10)

Dr. Freda Deskin celebrates her 50th consecutive year in education and looks back at how the art of teaching has changed in that time.

Freda Deskin, Ph.D., award-winning educator and founder of ASTEC Charter Schools, can mark a new achievement off of her bucket list. As of this year, Dr. Freda Deskin will have spent 50 consecutive years working in education. It’s quite an achievement on its own, but it also stood as a symbol of the progress that Dr. Freda Deskin has seen in the education system over time.

Freda Deskin

Freda Deskin is an award-winning educator more than 4 decades of experience as a veteran teacher in rural, suburban and inner-city schools throughout Oklahoma.

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