How Smoking Affects The Heart Health?

Smoking is the major cause for cardiovascular disease (CVD). It is to be noted that the CVD is the major cause for death in US about 800000 people die in a year by CVD. Almost 8 million has heart attacks and 7 million has strokes. People who smoke less than 5 cigarettes in a day will continue to show more early signs of CVD. Exposing to second hand smoking will also lead to cardiovascular diseases. More than 33000 non smokers die due to exposing to second hand smoking and will lead to heart attacks and strokes in non smokers.

How Smoking Harms The Cardiovascular System

Coronary Heart Disease

Occurs when the artery carries blood to the heart muscles are narrowed by plaques and clots. The chemicals in the cigarette smoke will thicken the blood clots in the veins and the arteries. Blockage in the heart can also lead to heart attack and sudden deaths.


Stroke is the loss of brain function and when the brain has interrupted blood flow it would result in permanent brain damage and death. The smoking increases the risk of strokes and death. The death and strokes are more common in smokers than the former smokers.

PAD is nothing but the peripheral arterial disease and peripheral vascular disease that occurs when the blood vessels becomes narrower and the blood flow to the arms, legs, hands and feet is reduced. When the cells and tissues are scarce of oxygen the blood flow gets reduced and in extreme cases the limbs are removed off by surgery. Preventing smoking can prevent PAD.


The arthrosclerosis is an ailment where your arteries will become narrow and less flexible. It occurs when the fat, cholesterol and the other substances in the blood forms plaque that are build up in the various parts of the body. Hence the smoking increases the plaque formation in the blood vessels.

Hence these are some of the disease/ailment that affects your heart when you smoke.