Types of Heart Diseases That You Must Know

Heart disease is the number killer of men and women. There are multiple categories in cardiovascular diseases. In a research it has been found that one in four deaths occurs by heart diseases. In a study it has been found that there are about six major types of heart diseases in the world and here are they for you.

Rheumatic Heart Disease

When the heart and the valves are affected or damaged by rheumatic fever, it would result in rheumatic heart disease. The illness occurs when you are young and the infection may occur later on. The fever would leave the heart valves scared and also damages your heart muscle.


Most of the heart diseases are related to the artheroclorosis. The artheroclorosis develops a plague formation on the artery walls. Narrowing of the arteries causes heart disease, strokes and peripheral heart diseases. The plaque formation is responsible for the heart attacks.


Arrhythmia is abnormal heart rhythm where the heart rate changes from too slow to too faster rates and it would really be irregular. The disease affects the pumping rate of the heart and also damages its productivity.

Inflammatory Heart Disease

It is characterized by some inflammation that affects the parts of the heart, including the muscles, the membrane sac and the inner lining of the heart.

Heart Failure

It occurs when the part of the heart muscles gets damaged and when it is unable to pump in the right amount of blood required for the organs of the body.

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart diseases are nothing but being born with some sorts of heart disorders or malfunctions in heart. The congenital heart diseases also includes holes in the heart, abnormal valves in the heart and also some other issues. There is no matter in what kind of heart disease you have but the risk factors can worsen it.