System N2 Exposed

Hey Mate, Interesting Article although i can’t make heads or tails out of the technical aspects of any of it lol, nevertheless I & many others have been suffering tremendously for many years waiting for WMMT3 to be emulated/playable on our beefy home pc’s (1st world dramas). I think this is why most of us buy high end pc’s to hopefully run arcade games in our home now that most arcades have closed at least where i live, except for those crappy Timezone’s.

Anyway. please find attached links to :

Decrypted hdd .iso :!kgID0QAb!KEsmVw4AFKqPxPo9qUEkKx-5OOEjPasAXrm76BeaTRY

Decrypted bios :!YkZwQARb!rIaSwwqYXAOr0xOkDqpm6tTt-eXFRPQnBd1eQzJDjbs

if you didn’t already have, best of luck . To quote StarWars “ TheArcadeGuy you’re our only hope ” . Cheers