If you want to research the General Election Manifestos, I’ve made it a bit easier for you…

There’s a lot of opinion blogs floating around in wake of the upcoming General Election 2017 in a couple of weeks.

The radio is non stop, rolling news programmes having wall-to-wall coverage of it. There is also talk of the rise of tactical voting — people ganging together to fight the common enemy (in most cases, it seems, the Tory candidate)!

Of course there has also been a lot of talk about what is in the manifestos. Has Theresa backtracked on hers already? Where is Corbyn going to get the money from? Etc, etc.

But how many people READ the manifestos. How many people can actually say they’ve READ all of every main party manifesto. Pretty few if any I’d bet.

But to make it a little easier for people I’ve done some of the searching and got the PDF downloads of the manifestos for each of 5 main parties in England (sorry devolved nations).

The Conservative Party Manifesto (< 1mb)
The Green Party Manifesto (< 1mb)
The Labour Party Manifesto (3mb)
The Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto (1mb)
The UK Independence Party Manifesto (4mb)

I’ve added the size of the download there for your reference, in case you’re on restricted data allowance. I should add though, the size of the download doesn’t dictate the actual length of the document (or the quality of it). Some are optimised better than others.

I’d be interested to know how much of how many manifestos you’ve actually read, and if you feel they are useful for the general electorate.

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