AR may not be as immersive as VR, but to say that it’s not at all immersive is incorrect.
Dave Kagels

AR is great! I love all the reality technologies. I wore Glass for 9 months all day every day… that how much I like AR. AR will be hugely useful and is a transformative technology. It will become the interface to many things.

As for VR, decades of scientific research have shown that immersive VR has a much bigger impact on your subconscious than AR. The sense of presence found in immersive VR accounts for many of the unique psychological effects of VR such as increasing your capacity for empathy. AR does not have that. I think the world has an empathy crisis. Increasing empathy would reduce violence, war, and many other very bad things.

Immersive VR has been shown to have incredible value as a therapeutic tool that works better than reality for many things. AR does not have that. VR can change how you feel, rewire your neural network, and change your behaviors to help make you a better person. AR can not.

Let’s look at the economic impact of VR. VR is very effective at treating stress and anxiety. The cost of stress to the US economy is $300 billion/year. Stress can lead to many diseases. So what’s more powerful, changing what you see or changing yourself for the better?

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