Outrank Your Competitors on Search Engine

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“There is your audience. There is the language. There are the words that they use.”

Authenticity is one thing. Yet, mastering Brand Persona means everything.

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How does VIOLET Token work in seeking advice from the Community

Product Roadmap and Community Highlights of Viola.AI


In Q3 Issue No.3, you’d be spending 3 minutes to to keep you in the loop on what have been progressing in Product Development and Community Initiatives of Viola.AI; and other selected highlights.


Exclusive to our Alpha Club Members — How can you send VAI to Viola.AI App?

The following content is relevant and applicable to:-

  • Members of the Viola.AI Alpha Club (Contributors of Viola.AI ICO)
  • Alpha Club Members who have received their Paid Tokens upon distribution; where among them have eventually decide to send their VIOLET tokens to the Viola.AI App (MVP) Wallet instead

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