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According to a local meteorologist, this is a 75 year even, and the flooding is more profound due to more people living in areas impacted. Many locally had been comparing it to the flood of 1983. Is climate change partly to blame? I am pretty sure it is, but over-development in flood plains is also a major problem, not just in Louisiana.

In 1993, they had historic flooding in the mid-west along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Two years later, the same areas flooded, though not nearly as in 1993. I moved to Missouri in 1996 and stayed until 2004. By the time I left to return to Louisiana, many businesses and subdivisions had returned to the vulnerable flood plains expecting levees that failed in 1993 to hold in the future or expecting FEMA (the taxpayers) to bail them out once more.

Human ignorance knows few boundaries whether it comes to denying climate change or living in and returning to flood-prone areas.