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The Grand Old Plantation is a coalition of the wealthy who never wanted to spend much on the poor and the south where whites were out-numbered by blacks who had spent 300 years in slavery and segregation. Organized Christian religion stayed with Hitler until the end. The Vatican is not known for its love of the poor. The question is can a “nation” wage wars of choice that benefit the wealthy few who do not fight the wars and when the wounded return home tell them there is no money for them? Can technology create global communities that are not “nations” where like-minded people can live in harmony without the carnage of the “Kings and Lords” games of history? It i not difficult to tell if a person has a real love of God because their behavior is more like the real Jesus. We need to remember the real Jesus was probably more of a fighter as he lived in a time of war between Rome and Jews. Rome may have made Jesus more “peaceful” as good propaganda against their enemy.