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The Native American lands filled quickly with protesters from other Native Amcrican groups, but also south of the border in Ecuador, for example. Those attacking the protesters were hired from out of state using dogs and pepper spray on bodies of the protesters. Within the protests was a spiritual quality that is easily recognized by other spiritual blends within the US who could also mobilize. One example is “nuns on the bus” who have been active and effective politically out of the Catholic church. I belong to a blend of Christian and Hindu out of India that began in the CA Sierra foothills and is now global. It may surprise the fossil fuels industry that they can not take oil out of Canada across the US to refine in the destroyed Gulf for personal sale around the world. We the people exist out of a need for clean soil and water that they easily destroy. Time to leave the dirty oil in the ground while we find the will to expand our ability to live with Mother Earth. We are here because our global ancestors lived without fossil fuels.

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