Do you find React deployments difficult?

I tried to deploy an React app to Heroku, and I hated that Heroku and shut-down my react application after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Freddy Diaz
Sep 19, 2019 · 2 min read

So I decided to take it on my own hands, and after a few months of developing an efficient front-end provider specialized for SPA’s like React. I introduce you “Reafy

“Deploy easily your react-app to the cloud with Reafy. The main difference between Reafy, and other providers is that your app will never be in cold-storage when your app stop getting traffic, for free. (at least now, while I can subsidize your cool react portfolio)”

I encourage you to start using multiple providers. Make your back-end with Heroku or Zeit, and connect them with your Reafy front-end through your cool GraphQL or RESTfull API.

To install the latest version of Reafy CLI run this command:

npm i reafy -g

How to deploy your app:

npm run build # Build your static app.rea # Boom! deploy your app.

Rea is an alias of reafy.


Dev note: We support any SPA with client-side rendering. So yes! Angular and Vue are welcome!. just build it and rename your dist folder build. — Made with 🍀



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