The “Age of Disruption” & “The Sharing Economy”

The half century old unanswered questions & unresolved contentions of a 74 year old aspiring entrepreneur who may have at last found vindication in some of his long held beliefs:

IF YOU CAN’T FIND ANY SIGNIFICANT DEFINITIVE ‘FALLACIES’ in the following story/’observation’, then I believe that society might well benefit from many of the ‘contentions’ that are stated there. IF, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, you could read the following email(or perhaps forward it to someone who might), and, once again, CAN’T FIND ANY DEFINITIVE ‘FALLACIES’ of a SIGNIFICANT nature in any of it, I WOULD BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU if you might give me some advice as to what would be the best way to make it known to those people who would be able to see to it that the MAXIMUM amount of benefit was derived from it. I thank you in advance for your help.

Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t ever seen anyone on the ‘Shark Tank’ type of ‘reality’ TV shows who are a low energy, introverted type person who can’t verbally communicate very well, AS OPPOSED TOO high energy type people who have a ‘bubbly’ type personality and talk more like a professional debater than an average citizen when trying to interest someone in their new ‘idea’?? The basic premise of the answer to this question is the main reason that I contend has been responsible for me never attaining the entrepreneurial success that I believe I would have achieved had it not been for it.

Both ‘The Age Of Disruption’ & ‘The Sharing Economy’ have simultaneously descended upon us in virtually every sector of our society, and nowhere can you see this ‘phenomenon’ beginning to take hold any more than it is in the business sector of our economy in general, and in the ‘start up’ sector of it in particular. If anything worthwhile is to come out of the following ‘story’ &/or it is to serve any kind of useful purpose, it will be that those who read it will have a little better UNDERSTANDING about both the contentions made here as they relate to this ‘phenomenon’, as well as the power that the spoken word can have on a person’s life (especially that of a ‘wanna-be’ entrepreneur’s) — namely their individual verbal communication skills/abilities.

I need the answers to a few questions and the definitive resolution to a few of my somewhat ‘hard to believe’ contentions, in order to have the ‘peace of mind’ in the final years of my life, of knowing whether or not the SIMPLE ‘ideas’, principles, inventions and many other potential ventures that I have sacrificed a lifetime of denying myself everything for, are as good as I believe them to be, especially now that ‘The Age Of Disruption’/’The Sharing Economy’ is finally proving their potential validity/viability!!

I have been waiting for over half a century for someone/some entity to finally see the wisdom in the basic premise/concept upon which two very successful companies named ENTREPRENEUR FIRST & PIONEER FIRST LABS, which are both based in Great Britain, are based. This concept/premise which is described below is the same one that I have been trying UNSUCCESSFULLY for over half a century to convince the ‘start up’ community of its potential benefits (it will be is discussed in more detail as this ‘story’ unfolds):

“Because ours is not a perfect world, countless people with ‘ideas’ for promising new products/services/businesses in every realm of human endeavor, don’t have all of the necessary qualities/attributes/expertise to make their ‘ideas’ a success, AND CONVERSELY, there is vast pool of eager, hungry ‘entrepreneurs’ out there, who, although they might not be able to come up with a good ‘idea’ for anything if their life depended on it, do have, collectively among them, every skill, trait, ability, talent, attribute, characteristic or other expertise that it would take to bring to successful fruition any kind of an ‘idea’ that anyone could possibly come up with in any realm of human endeavor whatsoever”.


It seemed like ages then, but I realize now that the months and years of my life (which when I was young, I thought would go on forever and never end) went by all too fast as the decades melted away, and now as I stand on the brink of my 74th year of life, I remember very clearly how it all began:

At a somewhat early age, after several comprehensive medical exams to determine why I was still ‘wetting the bed’ long after the age most kids had stopped doing so (which I finally quit doing a couple of years later), I was diagnosed with a genetic/hormonal ‘imbalance’ of some sort that results in something like a ‘spontaneous mental retention’ type of disorder. It was diagnosed as a minor malady (which as it turned out, didn’t have anything to do with my bed wetting) that wouldn’t produce any significantly observable deficiencies in my life, but would cause both my concentration/organizational skills/ability to be slightly below normal, as well as possibly limiting my verbal communication skills/abilities to a mediocre proficiency level at worst.

As far back as I can remember I have always been a ‘loner’ of sorts, quiet & shy with a timid, ho-hum type of personality that society might consider not completely normal but nothing to the extreme — at least ‘uncle Sam’ didn’t think so as I was drafted into the military at the age of nineteen for a two year stint in the US Army. Up until the time I was drafted, I wasn’t really that much different from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood or in the schools that I went to, other than being a little more shy/timid than most of them. Although ‘infantile psychology’ wasn’t practiced all that much back in the 1940’s, I believe, knowing what I know today, that I suffered back then(and still do)from a severe type of ‘social phobia’, which when coupled with whatever it was that causes my verbal communication inabilities(which, ironically, only materializes when it is necessary for me to have to do any kind of extra ‘thinking’ about what I am going to say — in other words, I don’t have a verbal communications problem when I am engaged in any kind of ‘small talk’)was responsible for my lifelong problems in the very difficult area of trying to seek the understanding of a refined, seasoned & sophisticated world using nothing but the simple, ‘low-tech’, jumbled ramblings of a somewhat ‘geeky’/’nerdy’ looking guy who lacked the suave/polished/refined/sophisticated ‘attributes’, and other scholarly type educational qualifications of even your average ‘wanna-be’ entrepreneur.

It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I really felt that I had something inside me relative to entrepreneurism that would be with me forever. When I was in my early twenties I had several ‘moments of enlightenment’ as I came across several what I believe to be ‘Timeless & Infallible’ ideas/truths/principles/premises, as well as some ‘insights’ into my personal ‘make-up’, that all had a profound effect on my outlook on the purpose of life in general, and on the purpose of my life in particular.

Some of the above alluded to ‘epiphanies’ came in the form of the lyrics to a hit song, whose melody/lyrics have kept me going all these decades, as well as from the premises of certain other ‘revelations’ that occurred upon realizing the significance of a few other principles, AS WELL AS certain ‘words of wisdom’ that were contained in a thousand page book of famous quotes & truths entitled something like ‘Words Of Wisdom From Antiquity To The Twentieth Century’ that took me over 6 months to completely read.

The song that I heard which affected me so much was a hit record around that time by Sammy Davis,Jr. , whose lyrics I have included below:

“Whether I’m right or whether I’m wrong, Whether I find a place in this world or never belong I gotta be me, What else can I be but what I am — I want to live, not merely survive, And I won’t give up this dream Of life that keeps me alive I gotta be me, The dream that I see makes me what I am — That far-away prize, a world of success, Is waiting for me if I heed the call, I won’t settle down, won’t settle for less, As long as there’s a chance that I can have it all —I’ll go it alone, that’s how it must be, I can’t be right for somebody else If I’m not right for me I gotta be free, Daring to try, to do it or die, I’ve gotta be me.”

The ‘insights’ into my personal ‘make up’ came to me when I made an honest, heartfelt search into what, if any, entrepreneurial traits that I might possess that would give me any incentive to keep going with my quest to fulfill what I really believed was my destiny in this life as described in this story, and which is briefly, to do my part to see the fulfillment of the statement/observation posted at the top of this page.

Although I could honestly only come up with two entrepreneurial traits that I possessed which would qualify, I believe that, UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES, they could overcome a host of other positive traits and possibly even be more valuable than they were. Below are the two positive entrepreneurial that I believe that I possess:

1) I believe that I have a ‘6th sense’ type of ‘attribute’ that allows me upon being made aware of certain people, places, things processes, concepts and any number of other particular ‘sets of circumstances’, to see them, not necessarily as they are in their present state, but rather how they might become in a new/different &/or ‘expanded’ way that would give them more/added value/worth/usefulness than they have now;

2) If, in the many situations/circumstances where I am aware of what skill &/or knowledge will be necessary to successfully accomplish any given job/task/project (and know how they can best be used to successfully get the job done), it is unnecessary for these various ‘attributes’ to be in my actual ‘possession’, just as long as I can have at my disposal those people who do possess them, as I am able to successfully ‘tap into’ all of their experience, wisdom, talent, knowledge and expertise, AND UTILIZE IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN!!!

The significance of certain other ‘realizations’ that I learned around that same time, from rather insignificant, everyday occurrences, such as the ones below also had a big effect on my life:

When it came to me that just a few short months before the Beatles were ‘wowing’ them on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’(a Sunday night variety show type program that was very popular for decades in the early days of television)when they first came to America a half century ago, they were basically THE EXACT SAME group that was playing to smaller audiences in little ‘pubs’ in and around London. They hadn’t changed any at all as far as their look/style/music was concerned, so I realized then that it had to be simply the fact that it was the same simple concept/premise that had been ‘hidden in plain sight’ all the time, which materialized every time a relative unknown won a ‘talent contest’, and went instantly from relative obscurity to local/regional/national/global prominence without being any different than they were before fame came their way.

If it wasn’t because they had acquired their talent/knowledge/skills out of thin air, it had to be luck/chance/fate or ‘marketing’ that had changed them virtually overnight from an unknown local band into the biggest group in the entire world, either in the form of a better manager &/or a ‘venue’ of some kind to showcase their ALREADY EXISTING talent to the world. It followed, I reasoned, that this same ‘phenomenon’ is happening in virtually every sector of human endeavor — not only were there untold numbers of people around the world who have singing and other entertainment type talent who will never have the chance to be ‘famous’, but the same scenario is happening in science, mathematics, medicine and every other area of human endeavor!!!

The absolutely OVERWHELMING feeling that I got when I realized for the very first time, of the existence of all of this latent ‘intelligence’ POSSESSED BY SO MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, is hard to explain, but it was indeed a very exciting, humbling/hopeful and enlightening thing to experience, especially when I was able to properly discern just what the potential ultimate implications of all this ‘intelligence’, knowledge & technology could possibly mean if it were ALL organized and then properly merged/linked and integrated together to form a SINGLE GLOBAL ‘entity’, that would be easily capable of SUCCESSFULLY advancing the human race forward in all sectors of its existence!!!

Another thing that changed my outlook on the way I thought about becoming successful, is that after seeing many of my ‘ideas’ for simple consumer type inventions become successful products years after I had thought of them(ones which because of both their simplicity and their obvious use &/or improvement over any competition, didn’t even need a ‘prototype’ in order to see their potential value — such as: a clip on tie; a finger nail clipper ‘shield’ to keep nail clippings from flying all overlap ‘Frisbee’; a paddle with a rubber ball hooked together by a 2 foot long ‘rubber-band’;etc.), I came to the realization that, despite what the VC’S say about “it’s the implementation of the ‘idea’ that counts, not the idea itself”(which they say are a “dime a dozen”), it didn’t make any difference about the looks / personality / ambition / qualifications of someone who had an ‘idea’ for something that would make it successful — it was only the possible potential of the ‘idea’ itself that really made any difference at all in the beginning, if, of course, you had the money to take advantage of the situation.

Realizing the significance of the above ‘revelation’, once again(as it always has whenever I read/think about a new ‘idea’/concept/premise/principle of any significance in any realm of human endeavor)gave me a ‘high’ that no drug could ever do because it didn’t dissipate in a few hours but lasted for long periods of time, depending upon the size & significance of its potential impact upon the world.

This ‘revelation’ meant that despite my various ‘deficiencies’ &/or without any personal expertise in the particular sector in question, if I had enough money(or the verbal skills to raise it)I could make a success of any ‘idea’ that I felt had enough potential to make it worth all of the time, effort & money that it might take to make it a success — all I had to do was ‘hire’ or ‘partner’ with those who had the knowledge, skills, expertise that was needed to make that venture a success. Once again however, because of my lack of verbal skills, I wasn’t able to utilize this ‘revelation’ to my benefit any more than I could any of the others that I became aware of.

Out of all of the thousands of quotes/statements/premises in the thousand pages of that large book alluded to above, I was able to pluck only a few dozen that I felt were both Timeless & Infallible enough in their profound ‘words of wisdom’ to be included on the final list (some of which, when I felt it appropriate, I took the liberty to update &/or paraphrase to make them adaptable to modern times), a few of the most important which are posted here, and the rest can be seen on my website:

1. The following quote by the 19th century educator Horace Mann, which changed my entire life, as these words summed up to me the only true meaning to what life and its purpose really are: “BE ASHAMED TO DIE UNTIL YOU HAVE WON SOME VICTORY FOR HUMANITY”.

2. The Question: “Why haven’t all of the good things in the world that aren’t impossible to do, already been done”???

3. The Statement: “There is nothing in any sector of society that wouldn’t be much better off if every aspect of it were based on as much of the COMPLETE TRUTH that is possible to obtain.”

4. The Observation: “Those who witness wrong doing, and make NO ATTEMPT to stop it, bear some degree of guilt in that wrong doing, along with the ones who actually did it!!”

Despite the fact that Horace Mann’s quote gave me a purpose for my existence, it didn’t take me very long to learn a very valuable lesson in life: unfortunately, even something so ‘noble’ as trying to win a significant ‘structured’ ‘victory’ for humanity requires a certain amount of money if it is going to have a reasonable chance to become successful — especially at the beginning when you are trying to get the groundwork / foundation / infrastructure in place.

I spent the better part of my middle life trying to find a job that would allow me to save up the money that I needed to get the start that I needed to fulfill my destiny. On several occasions during those years I got together with individuals and even an organization or two whose ‘commitment’ to my ideals/ideas were not as ‘honorable’ as mine were &/or who didn’t have my best interests in mind. After a few unpleasant ‘associations’ of this kind, I made it a rule to look only for ways to make money where I didn’t have to depend on anybody except myself.

It was during those years that I also spent much time, effort and money trying to perfect and ‘sell’ some of my many inventions and other business ideas that I had been working on for years, but once again, for the previously alluded to reasons that I contend are LEGITIMATE, I wasn’t able to become successful in any of those endeavors either — -these were in the days before the computer / internet were around, and you had to deal with the two major ‘roadblocks’ that existed back then, which were: 1) the “not invented here” syndrome that all major companies adhered too; 2) the “we don’t accept unsolicited material” policy that all major companies had back then.

I realize that there are those out there who have the exceptional verbal communication skills / abilities to be able to make a business or other type endeavor successful without having any initial funds to start with — but, in the end, these attributes are simply ‘tools’ that allow them to raise that exact same amount of ‘seed’ money that was needed to try and make that exact same endeavor successful.

I am also aware of ‘success stories’ of those who started out under the most adverse of conditions and were still able to overcome all obstacles and still achieve great success (there is no better example of this than our current President Barrack Obama, who because of his charisma & verbal communication skills ONLY, was able to obtain the highest position in the free world, despite the fact that he hadn’t accomplished anything of consequence in his entire life, other than being both a mediocre ‘community organizer’ and a state senator). I commend these people for doing something that I could never do in a million years — however, having said that and not to minimize their achievements, but, as there are in every aspect / sector of human achievement / endeavor, these ‘success stories’ are THE EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE.

It never ceases to amaze me (and disappoint me as well) — although it does pretty much prove that my lack of adequate verbal skills are as legitimate as I profess them to be in regard to my lack of success — how con-men down thru the ages, simply because they have a charismatic personality &/or POLISHED VERBAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS / ABILITIES, can extort, not just ordinary people, but intelligent, sophisticated businessmen as well, out of tens of millions of dollars on bogus schemes and investment deals, some of which don’t even exist!!! I, on the other hand, because I don’t have a good personality or good verbal communication skills, can’t even get anyone to even listen to any ideas of mine that might possibly help out many future generations of humanity to come!!

The sad part about this whole thing is that I really don’t need either one of these skills / abilities to be able to either become the best that I can be or to win any ‘victories’ for humanity (or to be successful at any other endeavor that I might choose to get involved with) because whether or not I possess them has absolutely nothing at all to do with whether or not these endeavors have merit or not, nor do they disqualify me from being able to think just as good as those who don’t have them, it simply makes it more difficult for me to verbally get across to others my ideas, thoughts and feelings on a particular topic.

In other words, the absence of these qualities simply causes people to make the same mistake that human beings have been making down thru the ages in every facet of human existence/endeavor, which is to equate the MESSAGE WITH THE MESSENGER — -in my particular case that means EQUATING THE QUALITY OF WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY WITH THE QUALITY OF THE WAY THAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IT!!!

I spent the ensuing years of my life writing letters (until the PC came along, then it was emails) to anyone that I felt might be willing to help me, as well as coming up with more ‘ideas’ for inventions and the basic premise for dozens of ‘service’ type ‘start up’ business ventures, as well as that for many ‘social’ type ventures as well — not the least of which is what I honestly believe is the only possible ‘solution’ (or at least it’s basic concept/premise is) for ‘saving’ our great country from becoming a ‘socialist’ type country within the next decade, if something isn’t done soon to prevent it, which you can see at: I also spent countless hours ferreting out & confirming the potential value/worth of the Timeless & Infallible Truths & Principles alluded to so many times in my writings.


Now that the days of my youth have long since passed away, and with the shadows beginning to lengthen ever quicker & longer for me as I enter into the twilight of my life, I am constantly haunted by the ominous words of the mournful refrain from an old country song, which keeps echoing and re-echoing in my ears as it sadly laments something to the effect that “when my life here on earth has ended, and it’s my time, I would like to leave this old world with a satisfied mind”.

Unfortunately, not only won’t I have anything close to a ‘satisfied mind’, there are no words that can adequately express the resentment and disappointment that I feel toward myself for my lack of success (even though I know it wasn’t my fault) in winning any victories for humanity or accomplishing anything else of value for that matter, especially when they are all based on simple, low-tech Truths & Principles!!!!

What a different kind of a ‘song’ my life might have been if I had just been lucky enough to have had a little help & understanding along the way. With each passing day I find it more and more difficult to fight off the absolute terror that threatens to overwhelm me, and then during the still of the night it is especially bad as I lay there alone in bed waiting to fall asleep, and those feelings of ‘quiet desperation’ overtake me once more as the tears well up in my eyes as I envision the remaining days of my life slipping so quickly away while I just stand by helplessly and do nothing because I feel, for all practical purposes, completely powerless to do anything else to procure the help that I need to, AT LEAST, determine if I even have anything of value to leave as a legacy to prove to mankind that I was ever even born, lived & died in this world — -much less doing anything so noble as ‘winning any significant victories for humanity’.

I realize that even under the best of circumstances, I don’t have an over abundance of time left in my life, and unless something positive happens soon to change things, I know that when the time comes that I am laying on my death bed, a few moments away from eternity, my last conscious thoughts will be both of joy and sorrow.

Joy that I was lucky enough to have been born in the greatest country on the face of the planet, and at a perfect time in its history that I could have made a real difference. Sorrow, that I spent an entire lifetime of wasted years, trying in vain to fulfill a destiny which I may well have accomplished if I had just been able to have acquired or found someone to listen / understand /comprehend my simple ‘dilemma’ enough to have helped me acquire the start that would have changed the entire course of my life.

Not only would it have changed my life, but also the lives of all those that I would have helped along the way, but who now too, must continue to ‘suffer’ (as must all those that they too may have also been able to help) simply because I WASN’T THERE TO HELP THEM BECAUSE THERE WAS NOBODY THERE TO HELP ME!!! .

Rather than spending the final years of my life doing what I honestly believe to be my destiny, by DOING MY PART in laying the ‘low-tech’ groundwork and building the ‘infrastructure’ for the ‘venue’ which will successfully eliminate the ‘obstacles’ that are standing in the way of establishing a better society for all mankind, I am still wasting away these final years of my life just as I have been wasting them the previous 50 years, by still being back at the starting line where I was a half century ago, spending 12 plus hours a day writing/emailing (my only method of communication) anyone who I feel might be able to help me, by either investing in some of my hundreds of inventions, business concepts or other socially beneficial ‘venues’ that I have come up with over the course of my life, OR, AT LEAST, by simply providing me with any kind of DEFINITIVE reasoning/logic/proof that they aren’t as valuable as I contend that they are!!!

Now that I have given you a little background on my younger years up until the present time, I will continue this ‘story’, and also end it, with a copy of the email alluded to above, which is the most recent correspondence that I have been sending out to anyone who I feel might be nice/wise enough to offer me some advice &/or help in regard to the things described in it, and spelled out more completely below — IF ANYONE READING THIS ‘STORY’ CAN OFFER ME ANY ADVICE &/OR HELP in this regard, I would be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO THEM AS WELL — Basically, I just need to know if anything of a significant INFALLIBLE nature can be found in the content of any of the sentences/paragraphs in this ‘story’, AND IF THERE AREN’T ANY, then what can I do to try and get the absolute maximum amount of good out of them in whatever time I might have left in my sojourn here on earth??

I have tried my entire adult life to become a successful entrepreneur(I am 74 years old now), but I haven’t as yet achieved that goal due to a childhood / lifelong ‘deficit disorder’ type of ‘malady that severely affects BOTH my organizational abilities and short term concentration, as well as, most importantly, MY VERBAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS — PERSONAL ‘attributes’ which are mandatory if someone is to have any realistic chance to become a successful entrepreneur. However, I believe that being deficient in these ways has given me the following few other positive entrepreneurial attributes that, under the proper circumstances might well overcome most of the negative ones!!!:

  1. I believe that I have a ‘6th sense’ type of ‘attribute’ that allows me upon being made aware of certain people, places, things processes, concepts and any number of other particular ‘sets of circumstances’, to see them, not necessarily as they are in their present state, but rather how they might become in a new/different &/or ‘expanded’ way that would give them more/added value/worth/usefulness than they have now.
  2. If, in the many situations/circumstances where I am aware of what skill &/or knowledge will be necessary to successfully accomplish any given job/task/project (and know how they can best be used to get the job done), it is unnecessary for these various ‘attributes’ to be in my actual ‘possession’, just as long as I can have at my disposal those people who do possess them, as I am able to successfully ‘tap into’ all of their experience, wisdom, talent, knowledge and expertise, AND UTILIZE IT AS IF IT WERE MY OWN!!!

Having said the above, among a host of other things, these physical / psychological ‘deficiencies’ have resulted in being either directly or indirectly responsible for:

  1. Me being more or less snubbed / ostracized my entire life by ‘mainstream’ society, thereby giving me a lot of time to come up with the IDEAS, BELIEFS, CONTENTIONS, ‘INVENTIONS’ and basic premises for many other proposed ‘start ups’ and ‘socially beneficial venues’, none of which has had as yet the chance to be applied to real world situations or ‘tested’ under ‘real life’ conditions TO DETERMINE IF THEY HAVE THE POTENTIAL VALUE/WORTH THAT I CLAIM THEY DO — but all of which have had a 90 plus percentage success rate in the various ‘tests’ and ’simulations’ that I have put them through!!!
  2. The loss of a lot of lives (mostly children), as they were responsible for me being unable to acquire the advice/help/funding that I needed to ‘perfect and get to market’ in time, several ‘app’ type devices for saving lives (from overheated cars, drowning in public & private swimming pools, and from accidents and violence in the streets)that are only recently being made available to the public — and which, if they aren’t ‘marketed’ in accordance with the TRUTHS alluded to above, they may still not be saving near as many lives as they could.

DESPITE MY somewhat ‘geeky’/’nerdy’ looks, and the lack of a suave/polished/refined/sophisticated ‘makeup’, and other scholarly type educational qualifications, IN THIS EMAIL, and on my two websites (linked below), I NEVERTHELESS MAKE SOME RATHER ‘HARD TO BELIEVE’ CONTENTIONS with regard to certain TIMELESS & INFALLIBLE Truths & Principles:

THERE ARE CERTAIN UNIVERSALLY INFALLIBLE IDEALS, VALUES, TRUTHS & PRINCIPLES THAT ARE TIMELESS & ETERNAL IN THE LOGIC, INSIGHT & KNOWLEDGE THAT THEIR PROFOUND WORDS OF WISDOM IMPART TO THE HUMAN RACE. They are unique in the universe in that they transgress time, space, race, creed, color, religions, cultures, gender, sexual preference and all other areas of human endeavor.

I have gleaned and culled several dozen parables, precepts, platitudes, axioms, insights, adages, truisms, sayings, quotations and other general observations from the thousands that I have encountered over the last several decades, all of whose basic premise’s are based on the ideals / values / truths / principles alluded to above (some of which, when I felt it appropriate, I took the liberty to update &/or paraphrase to make them adaptable to modern times) — a few of them are listed below, and the rest can be found on my website at:

Although many of these adages/axioms/quotations, etc. may seem blatantly obvious and others laughingly simple on the surface, the proper ‘discernment’ will show that they contain within the much deeper meaning that they are meant to impart, certain profound ‘words of wisdom’, that are ETERNALLY TIMELESS, & VIRTUALLY INFALLIBLE in all areas of human endeavor, and thus IF HEEDED TO THE MAXIMUM & STEADFASTLY ADHERED TOO, THEY WILL VIRTUALLY GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF ANYTHING THAT IS BASED ON THEM!!!!!!

Despite how simple, obvious & uncomplicated these Truths & Principles are, IF PROVEN TRUE, they have the realistic capability to, among a host of other things, do the following:

  1. Virtually revolutionize the way MANY ‘NEW’ BUSINESS ‘START UP’ VENTURES (that don’t utilize any new or unproven technology to make them fully ‘functional’ business enterprises)are ‘discovered’ &/or are considered for funding;
  2. Dramatically increase the success rate of the above alluded to types of ‘start up’.
  3. HELP SUCCESSFULLY advance the human race forward toward a better world.

BECAUSE IT IS MY CONTENTION THAT THE POTENTIAL WORTH / VALIDITY / INFALLIBILITY OF EVERY IDEA THAT I HAVE EVER HAD(which, by the way, as I am posting this email, it occurred to me that a ‘Uber’ type ‘business model’ might be just what is needed to help, at least, the two financially strapped public sector areas of Public Transportation & Health Care — (but I haven’t as yet had the opportunity to properly evaluate it’s potential possibilities) as well as that of every ‘contention’ that I have ever made in my entire life about ANYTHING, ARE ALL BASED ON THE PREMISE THAT THE BASIC/COMMON SENSE/LOW-TECH, ‘TRUTHS & PRINCIPLES’ ALLUDED TO ABOVE, ARE AS ‘ETERNALLY INFALLIBLE’ as I contend them to be, IT IS THEREFORE ONLY NECESSARY TO DETERMINE THE VALUE / VALIDITY OF ONE OF MY IDEAS/CONTENTIONS in order to determine the potential value / validity of them all!!!

Consequently, I AM GOING TO STAKE THE potential worth / validity / infallibility OF ALL OF THESE TRUTHS & PRINCIPLES (WHICH AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDES THAT OF EVERY IDEA AND CONTENTION THAT I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE ABOUT ANYTHING) ON THE SUCCESS OR FAILURE IN THE ‘MARKETPLACE’ OF A SINGLE ‘brick & mortar’ RETAIL START UP ‘IDEA’ THAT ALL OF THE ‘EXPERTS’ SAY WILL ABSOLUTELY FAIL — IN OTHER WORDS, TO USE IT’S success or failure in the marketplace as the DEFINITIVE ‘indicator’/’barometer’ as to whether or not the Timeless & Infallible Truths & Principles upon which the success or failure of EVERY THING THAT I CONTEND depends, are as infallible as I contend them to be!!!!


I remember that even as a teenager I had a lot of faith, both individually and collectively, in the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ (long before it became a ‘fashionable’ &/or ‘politically correct’ term)on which I wrote a ‘dissertation’ over a half century ago and which is still just as relevant/appropriate today (maybe even a little more so) as it was way back then, as can be seen by the two recent ‘best practices’ type principles/ methods that are only now emerging, possibly as a result of the coming of ‘The Age Of Disruption’ & ‘The Sharing Economy’:

If you look close at the basic premise/concept of both of the following recent process/practice of ‘acqui-hiring’, AS WELL AS two recent studies done by Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Shai Bernstein, you will easily discern the similarity between it and the subject of a ‘dissertation that I proposed decades ago:

  1. “Because ours is not a perfect world, countless people with ‘ideas’ for promising new products/services/businesses in every realm of human endeavor, don’t have all of the necessary qualities/attributes/expertise to make their ‘ideas’ a success, AND CONVERSELY, there is vast pool of eager, hungry ‘entrepreneurs’ out there, who, although they might not be able to come up with a good ‘idea’ for anything if their life depended on it, do have, collectively among them, every skill, trait, ability, talent, attribute, characteristic or other expertise that it would take to bring to successful fruition any kind of an ‘idea’ that anyone could possibly come up with in any realm of human endeavor whatsoever”. The above ‘scenario’ is a ‘paradox’ of sorts, in that the potential value/worth of an ‘idea’ for a proposed ‘start up’ business venture(or, an ‘idea’ for anything else, for that matter)is in no way enhanced or diminished by either the physical/mental/emotional ‘makeup’ of the person who originally came up with that ‘idea’, or whether or not they can’t, won’t, or aren’t qualified/interested in doing anything with/about that ‘idea’!!!
  2. I also tried to give DEFINITIVE reasons why a long/’polished’ BUSINESS PLAN — which back then was the ‘holy grail’ of mandatory requirements that a proposed ‘start up’ venture must have in order to even be considered for funding — wasn’t all that valuable to the potential success of a ‘start up’, a fact that several recent ‘peer reviewed’ studies have shown to be true.
  3. I proposed the wisdom in hiring QUALIFIED ‘freelancers’ as all or part of a team to ‘manage’ promising LOW TECH ‘start ups’ ventures that, for any number of legitimate reasons, were short one or all of the number of team members, that collectively among them, must possess all of the needed ‘skill sets’ that are necessary to insure each particular venture the optimum chance to become a successful enterprise:
  4. Acqui-hiring, the practice of acquiring a company mainly for its talent rather than its product, is all the rage in Silicon Valley thanks to intense competition for top engineers. Acqui-hiring or Acq-hiring (a portmanteau of “acquisition” and “hiring”) or a talent acquisition is the process of acquiring a company to recruit its employees, without necessarily showing an interest in its products and services — or their continued operation.[1][2] The companies doing the buying say it is a talent acquisition.
  5. Standford Graduate School of Business professor Shai Bernstein, along with Arthur Korteweg and Kevin Laws, conducted a study with the aim of finding out which of three main categories of information about a startup that investors actually value the most. The study finds that human capital is most crucial for a startup’s chance of landing an investment, with especially more experienced and successful investors basing their choices on these aspects. Investors are looking for an impressive and reliable founding team above all else in an early-stage startup, a new study has found. These early startups are notoriously risky investments, and with a lack of history, sales or a track record, investors have to rely on other aspects of the business to make a decision. “The operational or technical capabilities of the founding team raise the chance of success, especially in the earlier stages of a firm’s life-cycle, when experimentation is important. “An alternative explanation is that high quality teams have attractive outside options, and can therefore credibly signal the quality of the idea.”
  6. According to the Growing Your Small Business report, which was jointly commissioned by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Chartered Association of Business Schools: 44pc of the companies founded in the UK in 2011 had failed by 2014, and incompetence or poor business management was to blame in 56pc of cases. Bad management and incompetence are to blame for the majority of new business failures, a new report has found, not a lack of bank funding or perennial challenges such as a lack of skilled employees.

UK start-ups have had their knuckles rapped by the study, which has warned that first-time entrepreneurs must improve their management skills or assume the blame for going bust.

Just two-in-five new entrepreneurs had any kind of management training, compared with 89pc of business leaders at large, established firms.

Entrepreneur First:

Entrepreneur First is the best place for Europe’s top technical individuals to meet, and build world-changing startups in London.

We select purely on the basis of technical talent, so you can apply before you have a team or an idea. Our intensive six-month programme is designed to give you the best possible support in the first 100 days of your startup’s life.

We’ve created 20 startups now valued at over $100 million. They’re funded by some of the most prestigious investors including Y Combinator, Index Ventures, and Octopus Ventures.

Unique funding model — -We are the only programme in the world that funds individuals before they even have a company to give them time and space to experiment with ideas and teams. We have no government or charitable funding. We do this because as investors, believe it’s the best way to support extraordinary founders to build breakout technology companies.

We completely reject the idea that technical founders can’t do sales (or anything else for that matter). Some of our the most impressive salespeople have had hardcore computer science backgrounds. We’re here to help you develop the skills you don’t have already.

First, we select you purely on talent. The Entrepreneur First cohort made up of the most talented engineers, computer scientists, and hackers from across Europe. Some are recent grads, some have been working in highly technical roles at some of the biggest tech firms and in industry. You don’t need a team or a concrete startup idea to apply (though you can apply with either or both.

Pioneer Square Labs:

I’m happy to tell that I’ve joined a band of exceptional players to build what’s going to be one of the biggest bets from Seattle,creating a new way to build startups. Pioneer Square Labs (a.k.a. PSL) is a few weeks old and in a short few weeks, we closed a $12.5M round,built a trem endous team and are already executing on the vision.

I’ll be building a new startup every 3–4 months at PSL. The overall goal is for us to build, validate and spin off three to four startups a year over a four or five year period. We’ll build many startups. Spin off the few that work, or shut them down as they fail or we can’t prove the necessary traction for the next stage of our strategy. We’ll have a team of a dozen or so people, mostly makers & builders, who will be pursuing several parallel opportunities (see below how to join our team).

Pioneer Square Labs is a Startup Studio — we create and launch technology startups. What we do is generate internal ideas — we do the necessary customer research, and, if all goes well (which most ideas won’t), we go a build something to test in the market. And once we find traction, we’ll do the hard work of finding investors and a team to take it from an Alpha version into a possible billion-dollar success.

You can divide what we do into two parts: 1) we build & recruit (teams and investors) and 2) we are betting in a few beliefs. Ideas are cheap and this team can generate enough of them to keep us busy building and trying new things. There are exceptional leaders (future CEOs) out there who haven’t found the right idea to execute on, and they could get excited and behind one of ours.

It can take 12–18 months for a founding team to go from napkin to product-market fit (and many times it doesn’t happen), and enormous amount of energy is spent in fund-raising and team building to get to a point they can raise a decent seed round. We can completely eliminate this step by giving a founding team a validated idea and the introduction to our 13 VCs & 50 angel backers.

By now, you might be skeptical and thinking: You won’t have enough runway to validate ideas in just a few months. You won’t be able to recruit top talent to run these startups. You won’t be able to fund-raise deals without a team in place. You won’t be able to come up with many big ideas. You can’t build something meaningful in just a few months. Quality early-stage CEOs & CTOs won’t feel it’s their idea.

We have 13 VCs and 50+ Angel Investors who funded us, which definitely makes the path easier to fund the startups.

If, on an individual basis, you can’t find any significant ‘fallacies’ in the above statement, if they were combined into a single ‘unit’/venue of some kind, the entire ‘start-up community’ would significantly benefit in all of the following few ways:

  1. Many good ‘ideas’ for ‘start ups’ will emerge from the minds/imaginations of ‘unqualified founders’ that otherwise would never have ‘seen the light of day’.
  2. Many talented ‘wanna-be entrepreneurs’ that aren’t using their talents because they can’t come up with a good ‘start up idea’ of their own, will now have a possible way out of that needless ‘trap’.
  3. Rather than missing out on countless, potentially successful ‘start ups’ simply because their ‘founders, for whatever reason, can’t, won’t or are incapable/unqualified of making them a success, you can do the much more sensible thing of assembling from the above mentioned vast pool of talented entrepreneurs, a hand-picked, ‘tailor-made ‘team’ for that venture who have all of the EXACT qualifications that you need (and in the exact degree of expertise required) in order to give that venture THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHANCE IN THE WORLD TO HAVE EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL??
  4. A whole new world of investment possibilities would now be open to ‘start up’ investors, in that they will no longer have to limit their search for promising new ‘start up’ business ventures to only those whose founders must BOTH come up with the ‘idea’ for it, and also must PERSONALLY have the necessary expertise to make it a success as well — -THEY CAN NOW, IN MANY CASES, DO THE MUCH EASIER/WISER THING AND SIMPLY LOOK FOR PROMISING ‘START UP IDEAS’ THAT ARE ONLY LACKING A QUALIFIED MANAGEMENT TEAM IN ORDER TO BECOME A SUCCESS, AND ‘ASSEMBLE’ ONE FROM THAT VAST POOL OF QUALIFIED ENTREPRENEURS ALLUDED TOO ABOVE!!!

IN LIGHT OF THE ABOVE, AND KEEPING IN MIND THEN, THAT, in basically the same way that ALL of the words & phrases of our ENTIRE English language are formed simply by ‘re-arranging’ in an infinite number of different ways, the FINITE 26 letters of our alphabet…..:

IN A SIMILAR FASHION, ALL ‘NEW’ BUSINESS ‘START UP’ VENTURES that don’t need any new or unproven technology to make them fully ‘functional’ business enterprises, ARE ONLY ‘NEW’ in the sense that the various presently existing technologies that make them up, simply have never before been arranged/’put together’ in exactly the particular way/shape/manner or form that is now necessary for them to be, in order that they are able to take on the look, feel and other features/’characteristics’ of THE ‘NEW’ START UP VENTURE that they are to become!!!

THEREFORE, because creating a new ‘start up’ venture of this kind is basically just an exercise in simply re-arranging whatever presently existing technology is necessary in order to make it the required functioning business enterprise envisioned by the founders and described by it’s business model, it’s ‘management team’ will require only a finite number of existing ‘skill sets’(whose number and type can be determined by simply checking those utilized in comparable successful start up’ ventures)in order to successfully implement it into the ‘marketplace’.

Therefore, even though these ‘start ups’ may not have a ‘team’ or a comprehensive ‘business plan’ ready to go at the time of their ‘discovery’, THEY HAVE JUST AS GOOD OF A CHANCE OF BECOMING A SUCCESS IF……………………………………………………..:

INSTEAD OF BEING LED/MANAGED BY A ‘TEAM’ COMPRISED OF ITS ‘FOUNDERS(WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE FULLY QUALIFIED, but are accepted anyway simply because they are it’s ‘founders’)………………………………………:


BELOW ARE A FEW MORE OF THESE ‘PRINCIPLES’, and the rest can be found on my website in order to dramatically increase “Start Up” chances of Success:

  1. AVOID ‘start ups’ that may require the IMMEDIATE establishment of any expensive local/regional/national ‘infrastructure’ type facilities that is mandatory to making it a ‘successfully functioning entity’!!!
  2. AVOID ‘start ups’ that can’t pass all ‘elementary’ requirements of any ‘respectable’ SWOT analysis type evaluation’.
  3. AVOID ‘start ups’ that might have any significant legal type issues/matters that could indefinitely hold it’s progress up, and which can’t be successfully ‘adjudicated’ in advance of any major investment.
  4. Even though there are now, and always will be, new or improved products &/or services that are novel, unique, sensational, spectacular &/OR unbelievable, THE SIMPLE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT, in most of these cases, there isn’t either a big enough market out there who would want your product/service at any price, OR they can’t be offered at a price that enough people could afford to purchase them — -OR THERE is SIMPLY too much competition!!!

THEREFORE, THE FIRST & MOST IMPORTANT thing that must be considered if a proposed ‘start up’ is to have any reasonable chance for success, is to simply determine if there is a big enough POTENTIAL market of buyers out there, who would even want your PRODUCT OR SERVICE if it were available at a fair/reasonable price?

  1. THE MANAGEMENT TEAM that is in charge of making a success of any given venture is the singularly most important ‘element’ in determining its success or failure — and I would add that just how successful it becomes is, in turn, directly proportional to both the amount and degree of original, ‘out-of-the-box’ type of entrepreneurial expertise that is possessed/exhibited by that team, AS WELL AS, their ability to properly discern which parts/aspects of the prevailing status-quo that affects their particular venture in any way, that they will no longer accept/hold up as being the unquestioned way that the who, what, where, when and why of how they will do things to insure the success of their venture!!
  2. Problems can be solved much quicker/easier/cheaper/better, if, rather than looking for its solution (and not the solution to any of its many possible negative results) by advancing forward from its present one, instead ‘retreat’ backward from the absolutely best possible solution to it (if anything were possible, no matter how ridiculous it may sound/be), until they come together in the best of all possible/economically feasible solutions to it, that can be implemented within the limits of existing knowledge & technology.
  3. If a company is going to survive, remain competitive and continue to proliferate in the harsh and uncertain environment of today’s ever-changing global economy, they must at all times be consciously aware of APATHY, COMPLACENCY AND UNAWARENESS, which must, in their many direct, indirect and ripple-down forms and guises, be avoided like the plague — not to do so can & will have devastating effects. Also they must have it be an integral part of their ‘business model’ to, AT ALL TIMES, be consciously aware of the importance of being constantly vigilant to the subtle and ever changing social/political/economic ‘landscape’ and be able, at a moment’s notice’, to adjust/change/PIVOT their company’s direction to adapt to & accommodate these changes.
  4. Lastly, it must always be properly, carefully and thoroughly searching out/being on the lookout from across the entire spectrum of all business ‘disciplines’ for:1) ANYTHING from which the premise, concept or principle upon they are based, can be successfully ‘adjusted’, adapted and then ‘transferred’ for successful utilization in other areas that may possibly be of interest/benefit to them;2)ALL INNOVATIVE COST & LABOR SAVING MEASURES, as well as any other SALES PRODUCING &/OR ENHANCING METHODS which might be successfully utilized in some way or another.

If no SIGNIFICANT ‘fallacies’ can be found in the ‘principles’ described in this email, then WHAT FORM OF LOGIC, RATIONALE OR COMMON SENSE would possibly keep an investor from at least checking into a promising ‘start up’ with the many positive factors that mine claims to have, as described below:

Before I describe this ‘start up’ venture, let me begin by first offering the following few observations:

Unfortunately, there is a foolish and irresponsible race that is being running rampant out there in the form of investors of every size & shape trying to find & fund ‘start ups’ that are based on creating & marketing BOTH more & more ‘gadgets’ and other ‘creature comfort’ type things, AS WELL AS some ‘futuristic’ type projects(drones to deliver consumer products to households, a nationwide compressed air tube to take people from coast to coast, consumer space flights, outposts on both the moon and mars, driverless cars, etc, etc.), all of which/whose success require our country to have an absolutely mandatory strong & stable economic infrastructure, so that if these ventures eventually proved to be fiscally/technically feasible, there will be ample people left in the country with enough money/resources to be able to use/purchase them.

It would therefore, UNQUESTIONABLY, be best to temporarily put some of these things ‘on hold’, and spend some of the above alluded too time, effort & money doing something to ‘shore up’ our nations rapidly deteriorating economic infrastructure before it has permanently weakened the very foundation upon which, not only the very success of these projects themselves depends, but also the foundation upon which our country & the rest of the worlds entire economic future depends on as well!!!

Because ‘THE POWERS THAT BE’ in the business sector of society, HAVE NEVER SOLICITED to any significant degree, anything FROM IT’S ‘RANK & FILE’ MEMBERS, in regard to the WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHY & HOW of what they think & feel should be done in order to make theirs a BETTER INDUSTRY, this is one of, if not the biggest reason, why the ‘START UP’ area of the business sector is so far behind where it should now be given our present state of knowledge & technology.

Many good ideas &/or the solutions to problems in ALL sectors of society, as well as the fate of many new products/services, have/will never see the light of day or become successful, simply because their promoters weren’t able to adequately relate their potential value/worth to those who would most benefit from them.

The above scenario is one of, if not the biggest reason, why certain ‘start ups’ are able to secure funding for their ventures so easily and others are not — it doesn’t necessarily have that much to do with the actual potential of the venture itself, but rather comes down to the ‘quality’ of the ‘pitch’ that potential investors are presented with when listening to their founders expounding the many ‘virtues’ of their new ‘startups’, which, according to them, have everything needed to become ‘THE NEXT BIG THING’!!!!

I would therefore ask any of you out there to please KEEP AN OPEN MIND and put aside for the few minutes that it takes you to read this email, any long held beliefs/notions that you may have as they pertain to the entrepreneurial qualifications that a ‘management team’ should possess in order to have the optimum chances of making a success out of any kind/type of ‘low-tech’ type ‘start up’ business venture (i.e., any type of venture that doesn’t require any new/unproven technology in order to make it a fully functional business enterprise).

I hope that, unless you can find some SIGNIFICANT ‘fallacies’ of a DEFINITIVE nature in any of the ‘principles’ & statements that are posted below, that you will be able to live with/forgive yourselves if you let your ego/pride/stubbornness be responsible for you not at least reading about the retail ‘start up’ described below, SIMPLY because it is a lowly/’non-sexy’/’brick-and-mortar’ type one, as opposed to one of your more ‘sexy’/’proper’/dignified type ones!!!

The above is ESPECIALLY true given the several positive facts regarding this particular ‘start up’, not the least of which is that it has the very realistic chance of becoming JUST AS BIG & PROFITABLE as do any of those more ‘glamorous type start ups’ which need TWENTY TIMES the 2 million dollar investment that mine would require(in order to open up a half dozen ‘model stores to show potential investors of it’s potential), as well as it’s ability to become profitable in a ‘time frame’ TWENTY TIMES SHORTER than any of those alluded to above will require!!!

Please keep in mind also while contemplating the various contentions that I put forth in this email, that despite all of the time, effort and money that even TOP NOTCH/’EXPERT’ investors expend in searching for and ‘vetting’ ONLY THOSE potentially successful ‘start up’ ventures whose ‘founders’ have been determined to possess all of the necessary qualities/expertise to make that ‘startup’ a complete success, DECADES LONG STATISTICS have shown THAT, EVEN UNDER THESE IDEAL CIRCUMSTANCES, ONLY AROUND 10% OF THEM ARE GOING TO MAKE THE GRADE!!!!.

Having said the above, if, once again, you can’t find any DEFINITIVE ‘fallacies’ of a significant nature in the following ‘contentions’ of mine as they relate to NEW ‘START UP’ BUSINESS VENTURES, then I contend that the retail ‘start up’ venture described below has the realistic potential to be THE FIRST “NEXT BIG THING” in ‘brick and mortar’ retail UNICORNS!!!!!:


The convenience sector has grown massively over the last three years, with approximately 24pc of consumers visiting their local shop every day. Independent convenience stores have really upped their game,” according to Nick Shanagher, managing director at Newtrade, which runs the Independent Achievers Academy programme to help small retailers boost profits and footfall. Recent figures show that there are now 50,747 smaller independent community stores, which represent a fifth of the UK’s grocery market and employ nearly 400,000 people. The sector generates £37.46bn for the UK economy.

With over 151,000 convenience stores in the United States in 2014, and over $700 billion in annual sales, these small stores result in big business in America. In comparison, there are about 33,000 supermarkets and 40,700 drug stores across the nation (NACS). With this new convenience format Wal-Mart hopes to capture some of the $700 billion quick trip market share it is losing to Dollar General and other convenience stores. Walmart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said earlier this month that the retailer has just 10% of that market share and is vying for more with the hybrid stores that can serve consumer fill-in trips, which Walmart estimates to be 40% of their groceries spent.

As can be seen above, THERE IS A POTENTIALLY ENORMOUS WORLDWIDE MARKET FOR ‘CONVENIENCE STORE’ TYPE operations out there, and considering the success that selling ‘discount’ has had in just about every sector of the retail industry, THERE IS NO LOGICAL REASON to believe that it wouldn’t be just as successful in the ‘convenience store’ sector as well!!!

AND AS FAR AS THE POSSIBILITY OF ‘COMPETITION’ being a problem, simply keep in mind that the smartest and most innovative ‘players’ in all areas of human endeavor will be the ones who will survive & proliferate, AND THAT IS DEFINITELY WHAT THIS ‘START UP’ IS ALL ABOUT, BECAUSE IT IS NOT MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AS ARE ALL OF THE OTHERS AND BELIEVING THE LIE THAT ‘CONVENIENCE’ AND ‘LOW PRICES’ CAN’T GO TOGETHER!!!

After working for 7 years in a store like the one described below (which was very successful until it was forced to close up to a bitter divorce between the husband and wife owners) AND CONSIDERING THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS, IT IS MY CONTENTION that there exists in this country, and possibly even worldwide, a vast potential market in the retail sector of our economy for a chain of NEIGHBORHOOD DISCOUNT CONVENIENCE/MINI-GROCERY STORES that sell convenience store products & services, as well as a few dozen other key food/grocery items, at prices REASONABLY CHEAPER than they can be purchased anywhere else.


  1. The operation from which I originally got the idea of opening a chain of full service convenience stores- which would sell all of its products/services at discounted prices- operated profitably for 7 years until it was forced to close down due to a bitter divorce between the husband and wife owners.
  2. It is extremely ‘low-tech’.
  3. It is based strictly on proven concepts/premises.
  4. It can become profitable in as little as 3 or 4 months.
  5. It has universal need/appeal.
  6. It is highly scalable.
  7. It is relatively inexpensive to finance.
  8. With the dismal present economic situation (and no relief in sight) never has the time and opportunity ever been more conducive for a chain of stores like these.
  9. Because of its universal appeal, it will only be necessary to open a handful of these stores in order to get a solid indication of how successful they would be if expanded on a national/global basis.
  10. It fills a potential multi-billion dollar a year ignored/unmet ‘niche’ it’s sector of the marketplace whose basic concept/premise has eluded the best entrepreneurial minds in that sector, as a thorough search of the internet confirms that THERE AREN’T ANY OTHER STORES LIKE IT ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!
  11. Lastly, these stores are tailor made to utilize the territorial method of franchising, which the early pioneers of franchising utilized so effectively in the early 1950’s, that they were able to manage 1500 units with only a handful of executives in the home office!!! The beauty of this method is that the franchisee not only pays a big upfront ‘fee’ for his exclusive territory (city, county, state or multi-state territories), but he also pays for all the costs to open and operate all of the units in his territory!!!

A very wise proverb from antiquity succinctly says: “NO POWER ON EARTH CAN STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME”. Without exception, all of the current relevant economic indicators point to the fact that our society is on the verge of ushering in the birth of a new GLOBAL ECONOMIC MODEL, whose direct, indirect and ‘ripple-down’ effects, ramification, repercussions, consequences and implications, will, by necessity, mandate that the American people will have to make certain changes in their current lifestyles, as well as make other concessions in areas of their lives that, up till now, they have simply taken for granted. Having said the above, I believe in my heart, mind, body and soul, that, with the PROPER LEADERSHIP, this chain of stores-which in the light of this new GLOBAL ECONOMY- will be ones that the public WON’T BE ABLE TO AFFORD NOT TO SHOP AT!!!!

Having said the above, never in modern history have the TIME, OPPORTUNITY AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS ever concurrently come together in such perfect alignment as to virtually guarantee the success of starting up a nationwide chain of retail stores based on the concept/premise of the ones that I am describing here (and described in greater detail on the website alluded to below). The complete absence of a retail chain of stores like this one leaves big empty void in this segment of the retail market that can be successfully exploited by someone with the wisdom and foresight to see it for the virtually unlimited ground floor opportunity that it is.

Conservatively, there is a potential market worldwide to support 50–70 thousand stores of this kind, with each doing in the vicinity of 2–3 million dollars a year in gross sales, thereby making this a potentially 50–100 billion dollar a year business!!! Therefore, based on the 7 year success of my friend’s store as well as my own observations of the industry for those years, it is my contention that there exists in this country, and possibly even worldwide, a vast potential market in the retail sector of our economy for a chain of NEIGHBORHOOD DISCOUNT CONVENIENCE / MINI-GROCERY STORES that sell convenience store products & services, as well as a few dozen other key food/grocery items, at prices REASONABLY CHEAPER than they can be purchased anywhere else.

The only segment of the economy that has shown double digit growth for the last several years has been in the DISCOUNT sector of retail, and yet the convenience store sector is the only retail sector of the economy that hasn’t as yet gone DISCOUNT in some form or another — because, for whatever reason ‘convenience store’ & ‘discount’ are just two things that have never been associated with each other. The main reason for this is that anyone who may have thought about it never looked past the several daunting surface problems standing in the way of how one might profit from selling convenience store products/services at discounted prices. After working for the guy who owned the ‘prototype’ store from which I got this idea for opening up a national/ global chain of them, I was able to successfully discern the reasons why conventional convenience stores couldn’t sell for discounted prices and how these reasons might be overcome.

Despite what you believe &/or what the government is telling you, the economy of this country is NEVER AGAIN going to be able to sustain any kind of long term growth, UNTIL THOSE that we have elected to represent us in Washington begin to use logic/facts/truth/common sense when devising and implementing the laws that affect all of us in every segment of our society!! Although the following business venture will be just as successful in a good economy, it sure doesn’t hurt to have its beginning in an economy that will virtually guarantee its success.

It is also my firm belief that if we seize this moment in time, where EVERY RELEVANT factor affecting it, both economic and otherwise, are in such perfectly synchronized alignment, it is easily within the realm of realistic possibility that this retail concept will appeal to a large enough segment of the cost conscious consumer to generate the kind of volume that will be necessary to successfully overcome its slim profit margin and allow it to sustain the projected rate and extent of growth in order for it to achieve, in less than a decade, the same kind of phenomenal success in its sector of the retail marketplace that has taken WAL-MART 60 years to do in theirs!!!

It is extremely rare that a definitive determination of the chances for SUCCESS of a business opportunity of this magnitude can be decided for the relatively small amount of money that it will cost to determine this one. Because the basic premise for this venture is one of universal want/need/appeal it will only be necessary to open up half dozen or so units/stores to get a definitive idea on how others that might be opened will fare.

I read routinely about promising new business ventures (although, admittedly, they were mostly ‘cyber’ type ones) without half the potential of this one on which millions of dollars have been spent, that were either ’flops’ or on which more money is still needed to determine if it will even work much less whether or not it will eventually be profitable!!!

For a couple of million dollars, by using the less expensive of the two ’business model’ methods associated with this venture (as opposed to the more expensive one of remodeling acceptable new storefront locations) of ’partnering’ with a half dozen business owners of already open/operating stores who are willing (for a mutually agreed upon percentage of the new ‘business’ ) to remodel and operate their business’s to our specifications, you can get a reliable idea in a few short months whether or not the concept/premise of this promising new business venture has the kind of potential that I claim it does.

Once again, because this promising new business venture is offering a product/service that has universal want/need/appeal you can be pretty certain that whatever happens during the 6–8 month trial’ run with that store will be the same result that you will get wherever you open one up. Because there is room for at least 20,000 stores nationally and another 30–50 thousands globally you can multiply your profit/expenses for that 6–8 month trial period by this total number to get a ’ball park’ figure of the yearly revenue potential of this promising new business venture to help you decide if it is worth investing in (see a longer description of this venture at the link below).


Discount Convenience Stores

THE FOLLOWING PROPOSED ‘START UP’ VENTURES ARE MEANT FOR ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE that anything that makes common sense isn’t impossible to do: I would appreciate it very much if you could point out any DEFINITIVE ‘fallacies’ that you may find in the following proposed ‘start ups’.

If any of these proposed ‘start ups’ already exist, I am not aware of them, and if they do already exist, why can’t their whereabouts be easily found. ALWAYS REMEMBER: “The most valuable knowledge in any sector of society is basically worthless(as far as realizing it’s full potential is concerned)if its existence isn’t known by those who would most benefit from it”.


WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF ‘CROWD FUNDING’ (from here on in referred to as simply ‘CF’) 8 years ago, I said to myself (and even posted it on a few different ‘discussion boards’) something that I still stand by today: “When ‘EQUITY CROWD FUNDING’ becomes legal, it will eventually become THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF ‘START UP’ AND BUSINESS EXPANSION CAPITAL IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!”

I have been following ‘REWARDS & EQUITY CROWD FUNDING’ pretty close since its inception a few years ago, and I have even started/promoted 3 of my own CF campaigns, WHICH WERE ALL COMPLETE FAILURES, and the one thing I learned when creating and running/managing those 3 ‘CF’ campaigns of mine is that CREATING AND MANAGING A ‘REWARDS &/or EQUITY ‘ CF CAMPAIGN IS A FULL TIME JOB in itself, that requires a good deal of various ‘social’ type skills/knowledge that your average person simply doesn’t have — AND WHICH MOST OF THOSE ‘CROWD FUNDING’ A PROJECT/’START UP’ VENTURE simply don’t have the time &/or other ‘resources’ to learn, ESPECIALLY GIVEN THE FACT that most of them won’t be using most of them ever again!!!!

I have seen a lot of ‘CF’ campaigns that were trying to raise money for a good cause, product or service, but for whatever unknown reasons, failed anyway — there is no logical reason that they shouldn’t have been a lot more successful than they turned out to be, ESPECIALLY IN LIGHT OF THE FACT THAT MUCH LESS ‘QUALIFIED’ PROJECTS (and some of them even ‘lame’ as far as I am concerned) ended up making several times what their ‘target’ amount was.

When the SEC finally finalizes all of the rules and regulations of ‘EQUITY CROWD FUNDING’, in addition to all of the ‘donation’, and ‘reward’ type ones that are operating now, there are going to be a swarm of new ‘EQUITY’ CF management’ websites offering there ‘services’ to all of those influx of new entrepreneurs that are going to be wanting to sell products, or equity in their various ‘start up’ ventures, and therefore they will need someone to run their ENTIRE ‘crowd funding’ campaign for them.

The need for this kind of CF ‘service’ is especially needed in those cases when a ‘start up’ type of venture is involved. Most of the influx of the new entrepreneurs who will be seeking funding for their own particular product / service / technology businesses are going to be rather naive/inexperienced individuals with no intention of making entrepreneurship their life’s work by becoming ‘serial’ entrepreneurs, and are going be content to be ‘one hit wonders’ by making a big success out of their own particular venture, and so really don’t need to take the extra time and effort away from concentrating solely on their core venture by learning things that they may never even need to use more than once.

For someone who wants to be able to start & grow a CROWD FUNDING ‘MANAGER’ type of business, and rather than having them going to one of their many competitors, they are going to have to offer them SOMETHING THAT THEY CAN’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE — and although they are taking a ‘calculated’ risk by using the following ‘business model’, in the end, because if it’s obvious appeal, I believe that they will come out way ahead if they do it right.

Although I agree with what most everyone says needs to be done in order to make a success of a ‘CF campaign’, I don’t have the necessary ‘expertise’ to do it THE RIGHT WAY myself, and don’t have the money to pay one of the ever growing number of ‘CF managers’ to do it for me, AND BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE A LOT MORE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT FEEL THE SAME WAY THAT I DO, I came up with the following ‘idea’ for a new type of ‘CF’ website (or an ‘addition’ to an existing one) that might well end up becoming a ‘new/better way’ of ‘CF’ SOME kinds of projects!!!

Most people don’t have the ‘upfront’ money to both pay for all of the upfront expenses to start/run a ‘CF’ campaign, AS WELL AS to pay for a ‘CF manager’ to create and run it for them too — and there are many people out there who don’t think it is even a good idea for anyone but the ‘owner’ of the campaign to do it (which I put in the same category of “if your sick, you see a doctor, if you have legal problems, you see an attorney, if you have a toothache, you see a dentist, etc, etc.”). I believe that most people would be more than willing to pay a ‘CF manager’ much more money than is presently charged as their normal ‘fee’ for creating and running/’managing’ ‘CF’ campaigns, if they would simply agree to PAYING ALL OF THE UPFRONT EXPENSES, as well as getting paid their ‘fee’ at the end of the campaign — WHICH WILL BE BASED ON A PERCENTAGE OF HOW MUCH MONEY THE ‘CF’ CAMPAIGN TURNS OUT RAISING. In return for making this concession, they will then charge the customer 2 or 3 times more money than the other ‘normal’ ‘CF’ managers / websites do!!!

In order for this idea to work for ‘donation’/’rewards’ and ‘equity’ ‘CF’, it would have to be on ‘CF’ platforms that allow ‘flexible’ campaigns where you get to keep all of the money you raise during the CF ‘campaign’(even if you don’t reach your ‘target’ amount) — this way the ‘campaign manager’ who has agreed to pay for all upfront expenses, and then to create and ‘manage’ the CF campaign for a certain percentage of the total amount of money raised (which will be taken out of whatever funds are raised at the end of the ‘CF’ campaign and AFTER THE ‘CF’ platform gets their share) will virtually be guaranteed to get at least something for their efforts, even if they don’t reach the full amount of the stated goal.

By doing it this way the CF ‘manager’ WILL HAVE A BIG INCENTIVE TO MAKE THE CAMPAIGN AS SUCCESSFUL AS POSSIBLE (and realizing that they don’t get paid unless a ‘CF’ campaign is SUCCESSFUL, will also be a very positive ‘selling’ point that will not be lost on perspective customers). Not all projects/ventures will be conducive to raising money on a ‘CF’ platform with this kind of ‘business model’, and some of them might not even be felt to be worth the time/effort & money that would go into creating/’managing’ them by the owners of the ‘CF’ platform — this is another aspect of this venture that needs to be given quite a bit of thought, as being able to successfully determine which ‘projects’ relative to the amount of money that is trying to be raised, is the ultimate skill/talent that will be needed in order to determine exactly how successful a ‘business model’ of this kind can/will become.

I believe that, in the end, IF DONE RIGHT, they have the potential to make a lot more money creating/managing/funding ‘CROWD FUNDING’ campaigns by doing it this way than by charging a fixed amount — it doesn’t take getting 15–25% of the CF campaigns that raise 50 thousand dollars or more, in order for you to make a nice profit, AND EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE THE ‘CF MANAGER’ MIGHT JUST GET 15–25% OF A ‘CF’ CAMPAIGN THAT RAISES A MILLION DOLLARS OR MORE!!!!!!For obvious reasons, it will be necessary to add the stipulation that the CF ‘manager’ must raise a certain minimum % of the total amount of money trying to be raised in order to get paid, in order to insure that they will be giving it the necessary attention that they are getting paid for(this particular factor will have to be very closely calculated and discussed as it is another key to the success of this venture).

Also, by using this ‘business model’(WHICH, ONCE AGAIN, WILL BE A BIG SELLING POINT FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO CHOOSE THEM INSTEAD OF THEIR MANY COMPETITORS), I believe that they will end up getting a lot more customers who will keep coming back to their website(and telling their friends about it) whenever they want to ‘CF’ certain types of things. I realize that making a success out of a venture like this will be difficult, but I believe that due to the size that the sector of CROWDFUNDING that will be conducive to this particular ‘business model’, it will be well worth the time, effort & money that it will take to perfect & implement it.


YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT IN THIS COUNTRY ALONE, SEVERAL HUNDRED CHILDREN DROWN IN UNATTENDED SWIMMING POOLS — this ‘invention’ is designed to address this issue(if something like this already exists, it’s ‘owners’ are doing a very poor job of marketing it, WHICH IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS IS COMING UP WITH LIFE SAVING IDEA ITSELF).

Based in the ‘Principle’ described below, and despite the ABSENCE of a ‘prototype’, the following ‘description’ is all that is necessary for those knowledgeable in the required/necessary ‘technologies’, to bring this ‘idea’ to successful fruition:

Using the latest in ‘board technology/accelerometers/gyroscope technology, create a device that will float on a swimming pool, which when it detects any unusual/out of the ordinary ‘movement’ as far as any ‘splash’ movement (someone falling into the pool) will sound any number of possible ‘alarms’ — how many ‘alarms’ can be determined by the owner of the pool, and can include video of the pool/pool area. This ‘product’ can be simple or more complex, BUT IT ALL DOES THE SAME JOB, WHICH IS PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE WITH JUST THIS SIMPLE DESCRIPTION!!


The following proposed ‘start up’ business venture doesn’t require the use of any new or untested technology to make it fully functional and ready to implement, and therefore, DESPITE THE ABSENCE OF A ‘PROTOTYPE’ OF ANY KIND, the following description of it will make it easily understandable to anybody as to what I have in mind in its regard:

I just heard on the radio for the 5th or 6th time in less than an hour, a ‘public service’ safety warning that gave me an ‘idea’ for something that might save lives and become a profitable business venture as well (assuming that it doesn’t already exist, in which case that public service advertising money would be much better spent directing the public to the solution to the ‘problem’ as opposed to just warning them about it!).

In any case this ‘warning’ was about the hundreds of infants and pets that die each year of heatstroke from being left in the backseat of a car with the windows rolled 95% the way up (40 children die, about half from being completely forgotten). It seems to me that an inexpensive cell phone ‘app’ (or small ‘beeper’ type device) could easily solve that problem by having a small ‘sensor’ permanently attached to the inside of the car, and when the driver gets out of the car and gets 2 or 3 feet away from the ‘sensor’ the ‘app’ (or ‘beeper’ device) will ‘beep’ to warn the driver to check the back seat. For those who don’t believe it’s a problem to leave infants/pets alone for a few minutes, for a little extra money they could have the ‘app’ (or ‘beeper) alert them if the temperature in the car gets near the danger zone..


Every day of the year you read/hear literally dozens of stories in the news about robberies, rapes, kidnappings, personal attacks and shootings of all kinds, making SECURITY something that I believe most people would consider a very important area of not only their lives, but that of their loved ones as well, and, consequently, will to do everything possible to make them as safe as possible.

When you couple the dismal economic conditions that are plaguing not only the citizens of this country, but those of the rest of the world as well (with no relief in sight in the foreseeable future) with government’s global ‘push’ to make it unlawful for anyone to carry a personal firearm of any kind, NEVER HAS THE GLOBAL WANT/NEED FOR A DEPENDABLE, HI-TECH PERSONAL SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM EVER BEEN MORE NECESSARY THAN IT IS TODAY!! .

I have been watching for the last few years as more ‘personal security’ type systems are being introduced, both in the form of cell phone ‘apps’ as well as ‘pendants’ worn around the neck(mainly for the sick and elderly)which when ‘pressed’ in the case of an emergency, they notify a call-center via ‘wireless technology’ that someone needs help. For a ‘system’ like this to work properly, SPEED AND RELIABILITY are key components that it must possess, and having to get to either your cell phone in the event of an ‘attack’, or to the ‘pendant’ around your neck, a person might not be able to get to them in time even as accessible as they obviously are.

My ‘idea’ in this regard (and the most important aspect/feature of this ‘system’ — WHICH, FOR BREVITY, WILL BE FROM HERE ON IN REFERRED TO AS SIMPLY PASS) is to transfer the cell phone ‘triggering’ method/mechanism and the ‘push-button’ pendant technology to a ‘system’ that employs an alarm system that can be easily and quickly triggered/activated by ‘pushing’ on a ring worn on the finger. For several obvious reasons, in almost any projected situation, sounding the alarm for help would be much more practical in every way by ‘pushing’ on a ring on your finger (using the thumb on the same finger that the ring is on to push it) as opposed to having to reach for your cell phone or push a pendant around your neck.

The ‘heart’ of this system will be a cell phone size ‘device’ that can be worn anywhere on the body(but I suggest wearing it on a belt in the ‘small’ of your back making it almost impossible for a ‘perpetrator’ to take it off the owner). When ‘accosted’ be someone, the owner simply pushes on the ring, which in almost every situation of being attacked, because of the easily/quickly accessed ‘ring’ feature, the ‘perpetrator’ will find it virtually impossible to stop the owner from being able to sound the alarm. Once the ring is ‘pushed’, it both sets off the ABSOLUTELY LOUDEST POSSIBLE SOUND that is possible to come up with using today’s ‘sound’ technology, and it also notifies a ‘call center’ of some kind where GPS technology can pinpoint the owner’s exact location. Once this loud alarm is set off the ‘perpetrator can’t ‘silence’ it without tearing if completely apart (assuming he can find it and get it off the owner in the short time before help arrives) and he will also know that the authorities have already been summoned and are on the way.

In order for a product like this to actually become the ultimate in PERSONAL SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS, it must be one which has been designed with enough dependable, hi-tech ‘pro-active’ type deterrent features that the person who purchases it can rest assured that they will seldom, if ever, even have to ‘trigger’ it’s alarm because the kind of personal attacks and other sinister type encounters/confrontations that they purchased it to be ‘protected’ from won’t even happen in the first place, as once any potential muggers/robbers/rapists learn about these ‘pro-active’ features, they will be so ‘intimidated’ by them that they will move on and, unfortunately, prey on someone who isn’t ‘protected’ by this security system!!!!!

Although THE PERSONAL SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM that I propose (which doesn’t require the use of any new or untried technology to be fully functional) will be designed primarily for individual personal attack type situations, because of its ‘modular’ design it can be easily adapted for use in other harrowing type situations, such as to summon help if your alone and in distress, or if your possibly involved in a HOME INVASION, or in a BANK or CONVENIENCE STORE ROBBERY, or it CAN ALSO POSSIBLY BE USED IN HELPING TO PREVENT SCHOOL MASSACRES (as well as those in other places).

Once again, because of its ‘modular’ design, this product/system has ‘applications’ well beyond what the average person might ever want/need, and will thus have some extra ‘features’ that, depending on the situation and/or the degree of protection that a company or organization may want or the amount of money that they want to spend, can be easily ‘added on’!! Once the alarm has been ‘triggered’ on this PSAS, there can AUTOMATICALLY be set into motion several possible ‘scenarios’ as described below (which, once again, when potential perpetrators learn of the existence of these alarms/features, it will keep them from ever bothering any person or place that is ‘protected’ by this system — one of whose ‘pro-active’ deterrent features, by the way, will make them well aware of who is and who isn’t being ‘protected’ by this system!!!) :

  1. With the addition of an audio/video ‘app’, this ‘system’ can also possibly aide in actually identifying the robbers/rapists/gunman in a given incident;
  2. When it comes to possibly preventing SCHOOL MASSACRES, by INSTANTLY notifying teachers and other school employees( as well as the authorities) that a gunman is on the premises, an ‘add-on’ feature could be coordinated with the locks on the class room doors to automatically lock them when the teacher ‘triggers’ the alarm on his/her PSAS, thereby keeping the gunman from ever entering the classrooms;
  3. In the event of a ‘holdup’ type situation, this system can be coordinated with various ‘independent’ alarms that mimic the sounds of police sirens, or even a ‘synthetic’ voice telling the perpetrator that he is completely surrounded. In certain situations, it can also be co-ordinated with door locks to lock the perpetrator in, and in other situations it might instantly turn off all the lights in certain areas. Should ‘unique’ situations/circumstances arise, compatible, ‘custom-made’ APPS can also be designed to be integrated with this PSAS as well!!


The premise for this business venture is still in its infancy but has a lot of potential, although the travel industry won’t like it as it will really cut into their business, but it will REVOLUTIONIZE the way families interact with each other…

Although there are several possible areas where this concept will work, I believe that the following one has the greatest potential. The basic idea is to use webcams, ‘monitors’ and ‘skype’ type technology to its FULLEST by making it inexpensive enough to bring families together that are separated from each other by distance. This company will set up everything for those who either aren’t computer ‘savvy’ enough to do it themselves or simply don’t want to take the time and effort to do it themselves.

Once the general public becomes aware of(making them aware will be a big part of this venture’s success) the almost unbelievably fantastic possibilities that this audio/visual system can make a reality when it comes to keeping a family united/together despite the fact that great distances might ‘physically’ keep them apart, it will spread like wildfire around the world, making it possible to bring down both the purchase price and the operating costs to a price that even ‘poor’ families can afford at least one ‘hook-up’!!!!!

Imagine an elderly father and mother living in Arizona who are too sick to travel to, see their son and daughter-in-law and their 3 children who live in New York, who can’t afford to travel to Arizona to see their elderly parents. This company sets up webcams and audio ‘Skype’ speakers in both the dining room and the living room of both residences. When the video monitors are positioned properly in both dining rooms, the elderly parents can actually be at the table eating dinner with their family who are in New York!!! They can talk, listen and interact with each other about the days activities or anything else, just as if they were right there in the same room, with the only difference being that they will be ‘live’ on TV type monitors rather than in person.

After dinner they can all go to their, respective living rooms and watch TV together or actually play games with each other. Grandpa & Grandma can take their ‘mobile’ webcam outside and show-off their new car or the tree that they just planted in the front yard — the possibilities are endless!!!!! Although there will be many ‘players’ in this field, the company I envision will not overlook ANY POSSIBILITIES to make it the Leader!!!

Depending on how far you want to go with this venture, you could do this same thing with several homes if you want to ‘connect’ an entire big family with each other so that they can always be together on birthdays, holidays and the birth of new kids in the family!!!! THE POTENTIAL FOR THIS CONCEPT IS VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!

It will also be possible to have a ‘set-up’ so that they can be together if one or both families are away from their homes for an ‘outing’ that can’t be ‘skyped’ from their homes such as a graduation ceremony or visiting a mutual friend in the hospital. It will be very important to make sure that potential customers are made aware that this system isn’t something that will have to be ‘set-up’ each time they want to get together with far away friends/loved ones, but rather it will be a ‘permanent’ system that they only need to turn on in order to be ‘in touch’. There will be a lot of competition in this sector, but the company I envision will have it all together to the max and will BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST THERE IS!








It will be, of course, be necessary for this ‘start up’ to be able to devise an acceptable ‘formula/algorithm’ that is capable of adequately determining how much the vast array of ‘ideas’ that they will have to evaluate will make &/or save the equally vast array of companies that they are going to be dealing with — but I believe that the world will be pleasantly surprised at the productivity increases that will take place when the employees of companies across this country/around the world are FAIRLY compensated for using their intellect to come up with ‘ideas’ that will increase productivity within their company — -IT WILL ALL BE WORTH THE TIME, EFFORT & MONEY THAT IT WILL TAKE TO GIVE THIS ‘START UP’ A CHANCE AT SUCCESS!!!


I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED that the basic premise upon which most ‘chain letters’, ‘pyramid schemes’ and ‘multi-level marketing’ type ventures are based on is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL concept — but they are all connected to unsustainable ventures in that their entire success is based on the illegal/immoral process of enrolling for a ‘fee’, more and more people into a ‘scheme’ that has nothing of real value to offer, and which will consequently end up falling apart when there aren’t enough ‘new’ members paying ‘fees’ to keep the whole thing together.

I have also always believed that if someone had something of a ‘real/moral/’legal’ and honest value’ to base a business on that would be conducive to utilizing and capitalizing on all of the ‘positive attributes’ of the above ‘pyramid’ principle, that they would really be onto something with a lot of potential.

As I thought more and more about the ‘anemic’ global economy and unemployment being in the sad shape that it’s in, it came to me that not only would most people like to save money on all of their purchases, and also have access to some kind of an extra ‘revenue stream’ to make some extra money, but there were also a lot of people out there with pent up entrepreneurial ‘talent’ who just needed the proper ‘venue’ to be able to ‘showcase those talents’ in order to be able to use them to make a decent living.

As I thought about the above things, I also thought about the new ‘sharing economy’(i.e., Airbnb, Uber, etc,) that are ‘disrupting’ industries in all sectors of our economy by challenging both the status-quo and the traditional business models of many long established industries.

It was while I was thinking about all of the things alluded to above that I had an EUREKA/ ‘ah-ha’ type moment with regard to the following possible ‘start up’ venture. After over half a century it hit me as to the perfect ‘product’ / venue that would be perfectly conducive to the ‘pyramid’ principle alluded to above — one which I don’t think that ANYONE could find anything of anymore of a ‘legal/moral and honest value’ to base a business on THAN VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE RETAIL SECTOR OF OUR COUNTRY’S (and possibly even the worlds!!!) ECONOMY!!!

THE BASIC CONCEPT/PREMISE of the web based ‘start up’ that I am talking about will benefit the following 3 sectors:

  1. Those individuals who want to SAVE MONEY on all of their purchases (by taking part in participating companies ‘customer loyalty’ programs that have been created exclusively for those who choose to become a part of this ‘venture’).
  2. Those who want to make extra money via SEVERAL POSSIBLE INCOME ‘STREAMS’ by becoming associated with this venture.
  3. For businesses of virtually every kind who want to increase their customer base by both/either creating unique/novel ‘CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS’ that are strictly for those associated with this ‘venture’, &/OR BY increasing their income via ‘leads’ from freelance, commission-only ‘agents’. If I am not missing/overlooking something, this ‘idea’ has virtually unlimited potential as it will work as good for ‘online’ businesses as well as ‘brick-and-mortar’ ones — The number of INDIVIDUAL and COMPANY ‘dues paying’ members could well be in the tens of millions just in this country alone, and in the hundreds of millions if it would work globally!!! Because, to my knowledge, nothing else quite like the premise of this ‘start up’ exists anywhere else, if there aren’t any ‘fallacies’ or unsolvable issues related to this venture that I have overlooked, it may just be THE NEXT BIG THING in the entire retail sector of this country, and possibly even the whole world!!!!
  4. I propose to use GAMIFICATION to the max by utilizing the basic premise/concept upon which this burgeoning industry is based on, via the novel and innovative use of new methods, strategies, programs, and techniques that will add a new dimension of fun, excitement, challenge and interest to some or all of the ‘venues described below. Because I firmly believe that BOREDOM(in its many direct, indirect and ‘ripple-down’ forms and guises)IS THE SILENT, INVISIBLE ENEMY OF ALL HUMANITY, using ‘gamification’ in this manner will ‘relieve’ the many negative effects resulting from the BOREDOM that affects so many people in this world, by giving them countless opportunities every day to make money &/or even ‘get rich’(which many people believe is the answer to their ‘boring lives’)BY, IN MANY CASES, USING THEIR INTELLECT INSTEAD OF ‘DUMB LUCK’:

The novel and innovative use of new methods, strategies, programs, and techniques will add a new dimension of fun, excitement, challenge and interest to the following ‘venues’:

  1. Existing programming of TV and radio — ranging all the way from a single program, all the way through to the whole 24/7 of the entire channel/network!!!
  2. 24-Hour ‘gamification’ via your cellphone.
  3. The ‘AT HOME VIEWING AUDIENCE’ CAN PARTICIPATE IN, AND HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME CHANCE OF WINNING BIG MONEY PRIZES, AS DO THE ‘IN-STUDIO’ CONTESTANTS in a particular kind of a TV ‘game show’ program — there are only 2 or 3 possible concepts/’venues’ that will be ‘conducive’ to successfully allowing the participation of the absolute widest range of TV viewers, thereby allowing everyone to have a somewhat even chance of ‘winning’, regardless of race, creed, .color, age or educational level as do the ‘AT HOME’ participants in the few ‘games’ I have isolated.
  4. Have the realistic chance to SIGNIFICANTLY increase BOTH the sales of movie CD’S as well as the attendance numbers to a newly released movie, as well as SIGNIFICANTLY increase the sales of most any type of consumer item.
  5. I believe / have the ‘gut feeling’ that somewhere in the following ‘observation’, there POSSIBLY exists the basic premise of something that might well be ‘THE NEXT BIG THING’. ADVERTISING, in it’s many direct, indirect and ‘ripple-down’ forms & guises, is one of the biggest segments of our financial economy, AND IN THE END, it is basically nothing more than just letting the public know of a companies existence/’greatness’, AND HOPING THAT THEY WILL BUY FROM THEM. If the above is true, then WHAT IF the public were allowed to VIEW various video advertisements from countless companies/’venues’(and answer a few questions to insure that they really watched them), AND THEN, FOR EVERY GIVEN SEGMENT OF VIEWING TIME, they were awarded a ‘unit’ of time, which could then be used as a form of ‘currency’ to be ‘traded’ for money, &/or to pay certain kinds of bills — they might also be awarded a certain number of these viewing ‘units’ for forwarding a certain number of these video advertisements to ‘friends’ & family’??
  6. The INTERNET IS GROWING MUCH FASTER THAN IT’S PROPER ORGANIZATION IS, AND THERE IS REALLY NO EXCUSE FOR IT AS THERE ARE SO MANY EASILY DEVISED WAYS AND MEANS TO MAKE IT SO MUCH EASIER/FASTER/BETTER!!!! The listing/organizing of ALL BLOGS/WEBSITES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB according to their particular ‘genre’ is a classic example. I don’t know why it hasn’t already been done(especially given how easily it would be to do so), but there is a big void existing on the WORLD WIDE WEB in the form of there not being a way to be able to be able to easily/quickly find every blog/website that exists on the WORLD WIDE WEB, according to their particular category/classification/genre/’subject’/etc., etc.!!!!




BEFORE I END THIS STORY, I would be extremely remiss if I didn’t mention the easily recognizable deteriorating conditions that are taking place in virtually every sector of this great country of ours — conditions that MUST be greatly improved SOON if the USA is going to remain the greatest country in the history of the world. My ‘solution’ for what I honestly believe is the only one that will be able to save our nation from all of the negativity that is awaiting it (and us) at the end of the road that we are presently speeding headlong & recklessly down, is the one you can see it at:

View on

I would appreciate your opinion on what you think of, at least, the basic concept/premise upon which it is based.

Sincerely Yours,

Frederick D. Scanlin