• Jimmy Antonio Ramos

    Jimmy Antonio Ramos

    Administrador de empresas y 100% Entrepreneur. Apasionado por la tecnología, fotografía, los viajes, el Turismo 2.0 & #CrossFit

  • Cesar Hoshi

    Cesar Hoshi

    Product Manager. Peruvian, ex co-founder of a Dating App in Latam, currently in Colombia working in a hyper-growth tech company.

  • Rodolfo C.

    Rodolfo C.

    Si se trata de negocios digitales, deportes o diversión, me apunto! / If it is about digital business, sports or having fun, i´m in!

  • pepeherrera


    Noticias de todos lados...

  • Lucho Torres

    Lucho Torres

  • loringkaveney


    President, Co-Founder @WorkOutLoud with over 20-year of marketing, sales operations and business development, and I have passion for fostering collaboration.

  • Ever Ramirez

    Ever Ramirez

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