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The bigger problem is the overall decline in the quality of feature films, which is a result of many factors — emergence of VOD, shrinking box office numbers, big studios that are no longer willing to take risks and are dumbing things down for international audiences (which is where they get more and more of their theatrical revenue), and so much of the talent fleeing to TV shows, which are more suited to the new technology/ distribution platforms with Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, etc., and (as it turns out) provide much more story-telling potential, with 10 hours of content instead of 2. As a result, we’re witnessing the golden age of TV, and the slow decay of feature films. Naturally, the award shows will suffer as a result. I was once an Oscars fanatic and am now far more interested in who wins best drama series at the Golden Globes, since that is always the best content.

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