I believe that one of the worse consequences of racism is the situation that we’re faced with now where the abused have to constantly appeal to abusers about the inherent quality of their life. Black lives matter, regardless if you acknowledge it or not, which is as it should be since the present case, where people are reduced to listing reasons as why those lives do matter — with signs about their qualities, achievements or relations as mothers, sons, daughters, fathers etc — is a very dangerous one, at least to me. It reeks of a hostage situation where one is under the threat of death and starts pleading for mercy while rattling off reasons that they should be spared — I have a wife and kid at home! Which this essentially is. It’s a hostage situation of an entire race and identity.

I would wager that any reasonable person knows that black lives matter, but in the same vein, I would say that human nature, especially if you’re in a position of power, means that a person will go to extreme lengths in order to devalue another. The desire to be better than the next person is about as vital to human beings as breathing and being loved. Hemingway said that true nobility is being better than your former self and that there is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man, which I wholeheartedly agree with but at the same time, humans have never shown to be noble creatures. To be superior than the next person, the power to look down on another and the opportunity to tear down that individual at one’s own whim, that’s a core human desire more immediate than any other block on the self-actualization pyramid. Man is wolf to man, and that will never change.

It is why when heinous crimes are committed and human bodies are brutalized in the name of the — isms, anger or general boredom — because it happens — it feels naive to label them as inhuman. It is perfectly human and you only need to look at crimes from the day before to verify that. And then the day before that, and the one before that one, years decades, centuries, human history is the history of creatures brutalizing the weaker and disadvantaged. Whole empires and countries are built on those principles of gutting the weak, America is a great example. Though the uncomfortable nature of the truth of this matter seems to be an eternal thing, which is why there constantly needs to be narratives, clichés, idealism about the beauty of human nature, of overcoming one’s situation to rationalize the simple fact that humans love nothing else than torturing anyone with less power than them. I say less power because there is always someone weaker and the abused weak will take out their frustration on those, and when they can’t, they lash out at other creatures, things or the entire public. It’s inaccurate to say that it’s a dog eat dog world, it’s an insult to the animals as we are much worse than the most savage of canines. No other animal seeks out victims of its own kind like we do. When humans kill animals for no reason at all, it horrifies the public but when humans kill humans for no reason at all, if they are part of the powerful group, it will be rationalized and supported.

I’m sure the reason for this lies in the insecurity of human existence. Since human life is absurd in the fact that it’s a constant search for meaning with Damocles sword’s always threatening to shatter the illusions that we built — that there is no meaning and all of this doesn’t matter beyond how much we deem it to. Because of that, we cling to any semblance of power and meaning that we can grasp for in the dark. The group affiliation especially. Realize that for the — isms, the things that convince people that they are superior to another solely because of something inherent is about as weak as it gets. These qualities that they value are qualities that they had no power over — skin color, sex, place of birth, religion in most cases. It’s an attempt to convince oneself that you are one of the chosen, an exception, a favored one because of a quality that was down to chance. You didn’t work or build the ability to be white or male, it’s shameful to hold it in high regard. Just as it is utter shameful to demean others for skin color and sex that they also had no choice in. It is silly and becomes sillier when you see it all as just a tool to fill that inward void of insecurity. Imagine if were to claim to be superior to others because they are an hour behind us in time zones. It could and will happen when people run out of other nonsense to use.

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