You say the prime exemplar of austerity is America, of course?
Silvio Renzi

hallelujah contact with a parallel universe

in this one 60+%US citizens
don't have 1000$ in savings
30 or 40% has no health insurance
the US has created millions of refugees/that live in extreme poverty

destroyed the economies in many countries true saktions
and bombing them and supporting invasions of mercenaries and calling them revolutions and rebels

millions of Americans endure poverty when they have full-time jobs or even hold down more than one job. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that there are 8.6 million “working poor,” defined by the government as people who live below the poverty line despite being employed at least 27 weeks a year. Their economic insecurity doesn’t register in our society, partly because working and being poor don’t seem to go together in the minds of many Americans

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