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Insightful piece. Kudos. Here is where I disagree vehemently; the idea that Magna Carta Holy Grail was a “sell out” move. not to be “stannish” but the man did say “he will never sell out, he sold out”.. So here’s the bounce in that misrepresentation by hiphop heads that somehow Jay has lost it and is gimmicky all of a sudden. MCHG is a really good body of work that covers subject matter way deeper than most recent offerings of any living rapper. Content wise and lyrically, there were more nuanced and layered meanings and explorative content that required discernment to grasp. Don’t sleep on it like those guys did 20-years ago with Reasonable Doubt.

Not to compose an essay in rebuttal but, if anything, the move with Samsung was the crowning moment of the mission statement you echoed as stated to Harry Allen in your article. to be able to present his art to the world on his own terms and price epitomizes the hustle he set out on. It is a deal that only an artist with the cachet Jay Z has earned can broker and that’s admirable.

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