Selfishness vs. Selflessness

Many times in life we experience an ongoing battle in our minds. A battle between the morality of selfishness and selflessness. It has become standard mantra to observe selfishness as a negative and disempowering quality requiring instant elimination from our psyche. Whereas selflessness is observed as righteous and up lifting.

It is my belief that selfishness and selflessness are part of a larger spectrum and both are fundamental pieces in the puzzle of humanity.

I perceive selfishness as a necessary rung on the proverbial ladder toward a more selfless life. Many reside under the false notion that selflessness is more fulfilling of the two options. This causes indecision many times. Each end of the spectrum carries its own weight in fulfillment, both however must be taken in moderation to achieve full value.

A simple analogy may make my proposal more clearly understood. Lets observe this idea from a financial aspect. When in a position of affluence we may feel enticed to give and be selfless with our money, however to achieve our affluent status we must be selfish at times.

All this to say that sometimes we may be selfish and other times we may be selfless. Understand though that both are needed for a truly fulfilled and satisfying life.

Selfishly live today so you may Selflessly give later!

- Fred Posimo