The Self-Sufficiency Conundrum

Self-Sufficiency in modern day has come to be known by many meanings.

Most evidently is the presupposed theory that self-sufficiency is synonymous with possessions. “When we gather external goods we increase our self-sufficiency.” This is quite clearly a misconception.

Sufficiency as it’s stated infers a derivative of self. If we are to be sufficient it should be in regards to our state of being instead of physical objects.

Yet in a world so consumed by the outward, rarely do we look inward. On a planet with a plethora of distractions its no wonder people find themselves at a sufficiency dispute.

After material objects comes status. We become delusional when status-quo is involved. Our judgment becomes clouded when scrambled up in an egotistical battle for superiority. We definitively attest that the “winner” (more superior person) is therefore also more self-sufficient. This is a false notion as well.

True self sufficiency is a state, but is not a derivative of status.

It is something more…

Self Sufficiency is, as presented earlier, a being of competence and complacency. Its an understanding of who we are and what our purpose is. It is a position of control, but not over others, rather over “self.”

Know who you are, know why you are, know how you can become more.

This.. in my opinion is the only sufficiency the “self” shall ever need.

-Fred Posimo