When you get to be what you want

Fall has to be my favorite season of the year…

The colors of nature, fire pits, apple & pumpkin picking, the slight chill in the air, and the opportunity to once again break out all the great wardrobe pieces boots, flannels, and lightweight jackets.

For those of you who celebrate Halloween fall offers another fun festivity. Halloween is, in my opinion, one of the best holidays. Its a time where we get to embrace our fears, let loose, and just plain have fun! In addition Halloween has one other advantage I believe is occasionally overlooked. The opportunity to “be” whatever we want to be.

The novelty for children is picking out their costume each year. Finally after waiting for months they get to transform into their favorite superhero, monster, vampire, fairy, pirate, adventurer, cowboy, etc.

This I believe to be the most enjoyable part of this Holiday (besides free candy.)

That being said I believe that adults too should continue to embrace this tradition, regardless of if you celebrate or not.

Fall represents a season of change, so why not take a look and see what you would like to change about yourself this season. Once you find it “be” that, the same way children are being what they want to be.

Halloween is a great time, it’s so much fun, but it still serves a great purpose when we begin to look for it’s meaning. Let’s all be what we want to be and forget the excuses, the stories, and the reasons. Like the leaves of the tree; let go of the branches of life, fall to ground, in a short while you will start anew and your change will benefit not just yourself but all those you come into contact with.

Perhaps the scariest part of Halloween is not hayrides or haunted houses, but rather the decision to make a change.

-Happy Halloween