Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier Medium page. Former IFM Investors executive director Frederic Michel-Verdier has returned to the infrastructure market with a new investment platform named Fair Market Value Capital Partners. The new investment vehicle will target equity investments in the European infra space in the following sectors:

frederic michel-verdier
frederic michel-verdier

• energy
• transport
• telecoms
• environment
• services

The new firm said it will be “pursuing sizeable infrastructure deals immediately on a club-deal basis, which will eventually lead to formal fundraising”. …

Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier Medium page. In today’s blog, Frederic Michel-Verdier shares more about Asset recycling which is shaping the way state governments to build much-needed infrastructure without plunging into more debt. With an asset recycling strategy, it can meet the challenges. An asset recycling strategy can help solve the challenges outlined by:

• Building trust with communities through budget transparency, prioritized planning, and improved safeguards;
• Divesting government assets that private investors want, to reinvest the proceeds into the assets that communities want;
• Building new infrastructure without increasing debt levels and taxes, nor reallocating funds from other much needed public services;
• Targeting opportunities for efficiency gains in existing infrastructure and more private-public knowledge transfer;
• Promoting infrastructure as a more accessible and tradable asset class for institutional sources of capital, notably pension funds;
• Providing more opportunities for citizens to invest in local mature infrastructure through their pension funds, meaningfully diversifying retirement savings portfolios. …

Welcome to the Frederic Michel- Verdier Medium page. Equinix releases its top five technology trend predictions for 2020, which point toward the critical digital transformation that organizations are making to remain competitive in the digital age. Let’s look at the this infrastructure trends you should know about.

Distributed infrastructure and edge computing will accelerate hybrid multi-cloud adoption

Businesses are embracing edge computing and hybrid multi-cloud architectures, shifting their compute strategies from centralised data centres back to a distributed infrastructure model, with an emphasis on the edge. The observation is that businesses want to make real-time decision making where the action is happening — at the store front, in the factory, at the warehouse, everywhere except at headquarters. …

Frederic Michel Verdier is a Funds veteran specializing in infrastructure equity investments and asset management.

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