Key Trends Impacting Digital Infrastructure

Welcome to the Frederic Michel- Verdier Medium page. Equinix releases its top five technology trend predictions for 2020, which point toward the critical digital transformation that organizations are making to remain competitive in the digital age. Let’s look at the this infrastructure trends you should know about.

Distributed infrastructure and edge computing will accelerate hybrid multi-cloud adoption

Businesses are embracing edge computing and hybrid multi-cloud architectures, shifting their compute strategies from centralised data centres back to a distributed infrastructure model, with an emphasis on the edge. The observation is that businesses want to make real-time decision making where the action is happening — at the store front, in the factory, at the warehouse, everywhere except at headquarters. As enterprises do so, they will solve the puzzles of low latency and bandwidth savings, identify the best approach to multi-cloud delivery, and stay aligned to evolving local regulatory requirements, says Frederic Michel Verdier.

Frederic Michel Verdier

AI and IoT will drive new interconnection and data processing requirements at the edge

The connectivity vendor also predicts that enterprises will accelerate the adoption of AI and machine learning (ML). In this scenario, businesses will continue to leverage public cloud service providers (CSPs), and look for ways to use an optimal set of AI/ML capabilities from multiple CSPs, creating a distributed, hybrid architecture for their AI/ML data processing, Frederic Michel Verdier added.

The rise in cybersecurity threats will require new data management capabilities

With the increase in cybersecurity attacks and data privacy and protection regulations, most companies are now moving toward accessing cloud services.New data processing capabilities such as multiparty secure computation, fully homomorphic encryption (operating on encrypted data) and secure enclaves (where even cloud operators cannot peer into the code being executed by a cloud consumer) will move toward mainstream and will allow enterprises to run their computation in a secure manner. To learn more about how Frederic Michel Verdier can help fuel the future of Infrastructure investment, visit the Frederic Michel Verdier website here.

Data regulation will influence enterprise IT strategies

The activation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has precipitated governments to issue their own version of data sovereignty and privacy laws that prevent the movement of their citizens’ personal data outside the country’s boundaries. These new rules will drive further complexity in protecting personal data as global trends toward stricter or new data privacy regulations continue to gain momentum.

Digital transformation will provide a foundation for a more sustainable world

In 2020, sustainability will likely be an initiative for world-class organizations as stakeholders increasingly look to digital businesses to lead and innovate in areas of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

There are all kinds of other trends but hopefully, this gets your head wrapped around preparing for some for the shifts in infrastructure, so you don’t have to put in late shifts fixing your infrastructure.

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