5 must read articles before you go on your next trip

We all like to leave on our next trip or long holiday prepared. Even if it’s a “let’s just go and see what happens” one. Trivial things like going through the airport or forgetting to set your OOO can really be a bummer. That’s why I compiled this list with 5 articles to help you start your next trip right.

5 places to eat when travelling alone

Leaving on a trip by yourself? Or maybe just a bit earlier than your travelingpartner? Eating alone in public spaces can be terrifying. But it really shouldn’t. With these 5 tips you will find the perfect place for you to eat without feeling lonely or out of place.

5 Out of Office mails for the regular traveler

You can just copy and paste these. Setting an OOO is the polite thing to do. Your coworkers and clients will thank you for it. It’s also a great excuse to let your annoying manager handle those annoying emails. So go ahead and copy these 5 OOO’s and leave for holiday without any hassle at work.

6 must haves in your carry-on bag

Preparing for a long flight? Then maybe these 6 items will help you. Wether it’s a laptop for you to work on (see the last tip to maximise your battery life) or gum for after your nap, everybody can use these 6 items.

7 tips to get you through airport security with a smile

After making your carry-on bag, you might want to check everything again. Going through security is always a stressful and annoying event. But you can make it easy on yourself. Just follow these 7 tips and enjoy the flight.

How to get more laptop-time out your battery during your flight / trip

Planning on getting some work done during your flight? Great idea! If it’s a short flight, your battery should not be a problem. But if your planning on doing a trans-whatever, you might be short on battery power. With these tips, you can get the most out of your laptop battery.