Go Experience Report: Generics in Kubernetes
Aaron Schlesinger

Hi Aaron,

thanks for this nice “little” insight article. I’m new to kubernetes, but I think I got a pretty good understanding of what’s going on there under the hood. To be honest, the first think, which came to my mind as I read the first paragraphs was “why isn’t this all generated to get type safety and explicit calls”. What I personally love about Go is the way to have minimum magic and side effects and maximum development spee, because of type safety. So the unnamed import is the other thing, which gets me uncomfortable. Long story short: Can you maybe write another article to get deeper in the drawbacks of the “generated code” solution? Why is a larger codebase, which is generated so bad? Is it built time performance? Or binary size? Would love to get a better understanding, why this choice for “runtimetypes” has been made, I’m pretty sure, that I’m missing something there.

Thanks, stay well