How do I keep track of all my reading?

Yesterday I had with a friend a discussion on reading, about finding the time and even in my case, how to remember all those books.

Here is how I remember the books I am reading, as it would be very sad to read and forget.

First I do research on Goodreads and Amazon about the book before I decide to read. Reviews and who is the author. This handles my expectations of the book and not wasting my time.

Secondly, I try to read by chapter, the most book fits my reading patron (Except the one I am reading now Give and Take) Why? because a chapter groups a certain idea or subject or idea. And while reading 1 chapter at a time, I can fully concentrate on te subject.

Third. Before I start reading, I reread the last pages I was reading before. This reminds me. I do so many things in a day, like running different businesses and projects, my family, running so a quick refresh always help.

Fourth, while I am reading, I go deep into the subject. I try to project what I am reading instantly to my own life, my own issues, my own success and the world around me.
When I am reading about Habits, I see the habits I have and which one I like to have. So my mind created a link between the book and Me. Also certainly when I read on Kindle, I mark certain paragraphs, sentences and thoughts.

Fifth is the one you are now looking at or reading now. After I finish a book, I now created a habit to review the marked text and notes and I write a review. Writing is an important part of my reading :) 
I am not writing about the book, the chapters, I ask myself what did this book taught me, why should someone read this book
Those Book reviews you are reading or watching are in the first place a recap for myself and I am happy you are reading/watching it as well.

Why Video? Why Text? The reason I do this is that I want my work to be shared and when I do write the text for the video, I just share my work on the platform you care about. Can be Facebook, Medium, Youtube, LinkedIn.

What are your tools to remember your books, share it with the community in the comments