The Fluid Consumer, yes that is you and me. ★★★★★

“Let’s talk about book yo!”

I finished the book The Fluid Consumer written by Teo Correia. Before I tell you why you should read this book, let me explain first who is Teo Correia and how I came to read this book.

Teo Correia is a senior director at Accenture Consulting and the people who know me very well, I love to make jokes about Accenture. I can I was a full-time consultant as well and no I don’t hate Accenture as a company :) But I do have a love-hate vision with them. A bit like Salomondrin has with Ferrari.

One day, my wife and a friend who also works for Accenture went to a conference organised by Accenture and IMD and I got WhatsApp messages from them that the evening was great and I was right with my vision startup Company and they have a gift for me

So they gave me this book. Still not convinced if I should read the book but I decided to give it a change!

What was that a good decision to read it. Teo Correia writes from his perspective as an expert in Consumer Packaged Goods and Services (CPG) which is far away from the products and service I sell via my company, but the intake works for any company and brand. I would even say local businesses should also read this book as the insights how consumers consume are important and give any brand an advantage towards their competitors.

The book explains how the consumer today are using technology and how you can create your path through the competitive landscape. How data from connections can generate huge growth.

In chapter 4, Teo Correia explains how to stay relevant in the big blur of makers and sellers. Have a look at some retailers, some are joining the rank of the defunct, while others are gaining traction How come? The book shows examples of great brands like UNIQLO, Under Armour etc. Of course, Amazon pops up as well.

All fine, we, as a brand or business, needs to be digital, we need to create values of our consumers, we have to be where our consumers are, we need to create new forward thinking engines within our organisation… I hear you thinking, we have policies, we have politics, too fast change too fast is destructive, Performance will dip during the early stage and my boss wants to see the performance reports etc. and if you are a startup or local business, you don’t have budget or time. This book will simply how you these are all myths!

Well, you have to ask yourself the question, do I want consumers to buy from me or from my competitors? I hope your answer is “me” Start reading this book as it will give you the 4 pillars of digital growth and how to plan you digital strategy how small or big it will be

This book has offered a high-level look at what it will take for brands and companies to design digitally enabled brand growth:

With technology advancing as quickly as it does, you can’t miss out not being digital! And you should start now

So, a great book, with great insights and action plans rather cheap, which is surprisingly for a Consultant ;) (Needed to do a joke no) ; but all jokes aside, this is a must read for Entrepreneurs, even startup entrepreneurs and people inside big organisations, not only the Marketing people, as Teo Correia write in 1 on his takeaways “Serving Fluid Consumes successfully means engaging the whole organization in the effort, not just the immediate brand guardians”

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