The missing link towards your success?

Good guys Good finish last, right, certainly in business. Don’t we all want to win when we have a negotiation? Don’t we all know some colleagues around us how openly show their success and you know you helped them out but for some reason, they forgot t mention you?
Don’t we all want the career move, faster than our network?

When I was younger I was certainly one of them.
When I started my career I was that kind of person that had 1 goal in my mind, go to the top as fast as possible whatever it takes.
Yes, I was a taker and you know what, It worked…. until a certain point and I fell down… The saying was “fail, stand-up, try again fail…. “ Well, that was my life.

I felt something was not right. Why did I fail? I was giving a lot of my time, money and still, I got nothing back Maybe it was because I was a taker, I gave in a very selfish way?

Sorry to some people along my way, they know who you are!

One day, my life became very dark, due to 2 huge investments that went wrong, at the same time. I couldn’t continue my life the same way, the system didn’t work. 
Someone told me “It’ better to give before you receive” and “give more than you receive”. I was ready to test out anything in a serious way

It worked, my life became better, I became more successful and I gave more. But as a Fact person, it didn’t look logic? Giving (with no immediate return) was more successful than just thinking of my goals and just go for it. How come?

Finally, I found this book, oh dear god, how come I didn’t found you earlier, It would have saved me from many sleepless nights

This book not only shows with research why people who give more, in a natural way, reach higher success than takers and matchers, It gives also why givers are the “biggest loosers” and “ the “biggest winners” and how you can grow to become successful as a giver.

This book gave me an insight into my network, why some people have huge success, career and money wise (and I was thinking, I can do that too) and who of my connections are takers and I should review the way I give to them

“This book demonstrates that success doesn’t have to come at someone’s else expense. “

This book is one of the missing links in reaching my goals in a much better way and I’m sure this book will open the mind of many others like entrepreneurs and people in big corporations (even CEO’s should read this book, as the book is not only explanational, it gives also ideas to incorporated to have an impact on a daily basis

Thank you, Mr Adam Grant, for sharing your book with the world.

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