What if Twitter introduces a tweet disappearing after 24h?

After Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp etc let you create stories that disappear after 24h, imagine the power when Twitter should offer the disappearing tweet.

We are not really talking about the lenses and filters, as Twitter users are used to text and 140 characters, I am talking about

  • 1 Tweet per day max.
  • Be able to change the background colour (like Facebook)
  • Show on top of my timeline as well on top of “What you missed”
  • Tweet become a normal tweet after 24 automatically

This would be such a great opportunity for marketing, a great to promote a cause or even a great way to interact with each other.

Twitter has already the “Pin to Profile page” but it looks just like any other tweet, on top. They should do more with that Tweet, and now they have a possibility to offer more as other proved the format is working

Some examples
- Local business can post a special promotion for 1 day
- Organisations can get extra visibility for their cause
- Bloggers can promote their latest article

Twitter can use this new feature to get more people using the platform and more brands (also local ones) to join, certainly when they use a cool algorithm to show those special tweets, even if I wasn’t online the last 10hours.

What are your ideas, thoughts on this feature?
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