In my last article, I talked about my upcoming fashion brand called “HAPPYDIAMOND”. This article is about my first fashion collection called “SOFT METAL”.

The collection is inspired by my interest and excitement for futurism, robots, and industrial design. The collection consists of a jacket and a pair of pants. Later, I may launch more products in this collection, like bags. I came across the idea of SOFT METAL in late 2018. I’ve been working to realize this idea ever since. But it’s first after I finished school that I really started working hard on this project. Before I didn’t have the money to begin, and because of school, I didn’t have much time to work at my daily job, so I couldn’t earn the money needed—but that has changed. When I finished school I pretty much immediately started working daily at “jem & fix”, which is still my current job, but hopefully not for much longer.


Image of the shell fabric.

The shell fabric is made of polyester. The fabric is in this really awesome metallic silver color, which represents metal. When I think of metal, I think of the future, robots, and industrial design.


Image of the lining fabric.

The lining fabric is just a really basic black satin. Satin is a fabric that feels very much like silk, but satin is synthetic. I don’t want to use silk since it’s from an animal. I want all of my products to be 100% vegan. The black represents nightlife and being mystical.


On the left, you see the small zipper in size #3. On the right, you see the big zipper in size #5.

Two different zippers will be used to construct the garments. Both zippers look identical, in terms of design, but the sizes are different.

One zipper in size #5 is required for the jacket. This zipper is an open-end, so it’s the main zipper.

Two zippers in size #3 are also required for the jacket. These size #3 zippers are used for pockets. They are 15 cm long. Two zippers in size #3 will also be required for the pants.


Both the jacket and the pants will feature black laces, which allows the customer to adjust the sizing of the garment.

The jacket features a drawstring in the hood, as well as the waistband. These drawstrings are about 110 cm long.

The pants will feature a drawstring in the waistband and in both hems. The drawstring in the hems is smaller—only about ≈2-3 mm in thickness, compared to 5 mm for the other drawstring.

The drawstrings feature a lace tip in shiny metal, matching the shell fabric.


This buckle is what allows the customer to adjust the sizing of the garment. Of course, it’s made of metal in shiny silver to match the shell fabric.


JACKET: I want the signature logo to be printed on the bag of the jacket. The logo should be printed in a big scale. Then below the signature logo, the small text logo should be printed.

PANTS: The text logo should be printed on one of the legs, just in a small scale.

This is the signature logo. This logo represents HAPPYDIAMOND.
This is the text logo.


Image source:

I really want to use some special packaging that represents the collection like the picture above. A polybag in metallic silver, just like the shell fabric. Maybe with some text saying “SOFT METAL”. However, this is really expensive—at least that’s what I think. I haven’t actually checked the pricing for making custom polybags, but I’ll definitely be looking into this, whenever I’m closer to launching. The garments are obviously the most important part of the collection.

Normally brands just use a boring black polybag, I wanna be different. But being different is expensive! Whenever you want to make something customizable it gets really expensive unless you buy in really big quantities. Currently, I’m not capable of buying such large quantities. Also, I don’t know if people are actually gonna buy my crazy clothes. Let’s say that I decide to buy large quantities of like 1,000 pcs, then what about if people didn’t buy my products. Then I would be sitting with a huge inventory, and I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it unless I sold it for like super cheap—probably under the cost of production. So buying huge quantities just doesn’t make sense here in the beginning. I won’t be buying big quantities before I have proven to myself, that I’m capable of selling my products.


JACKET: $150.

PANTS: $135.

I have no idea if I’m actually gonna be able to maintain a business with these prices. I think it’s super cheap—probably too cheap. I guess I’m scared that if I put the pricing too high, then people won’t buy… Is it better to start with high pricing, and then I can always lower the pricing—or should I do the opposite? So start with low prices, and then raise the prices if necessary.


As I wrote in my first article about my upcoming fashion brand, I’ll be doing the whole production myself—however, only in the beginning.

As I have already discussed in this article, buying large quantities is just not a very good idea in the beginning. Garment factories have huge MOQ’s. We’re talking 100+ per style/size.

Let’s say you have 5 sizes, from XS to XL. That’s suddenly 500 pcs you will need, in order to meet the factories MOQ per style/size. That’s a lot of inventory!

If your very lucky you may be able to find one that only has 50 pcs as their MOQ (I’ve found a few in China), but then the prices per item will be huge. Also, the garment factories that offer lower MOQs are usually the smaller factories, which are typically not as experienced and professional when it comes to their sewing skills.

Btw. right now I’m talking about Chinese garment manufacturers. Chinese factories just have huge MOQs no matter what industry!

“I’m on an insane journey to create a brand that will change the world”