Creating the Broken Frontier Anthology in support of creator-owned comics

Over 40 of the brightest talents working in comics today join forces on the Broken Frontier Anthology. Help fund the book and give these creators a chance to tell and own their stories.

If you crave originality in your comics, nothing beats creator-owned stories. That’s because ‘creator-owned’ really means what it says: the writers and artists from whose rich imagination these stories have sprung completely own their ideas and creations.

Unlike working on most mainstream superhero books, where editorial and corporate factors are in play, when doing creator-owned books comics creators are truly free to do with their characters and settings whatever they please. They can take risks and go wherever their imagination guides them, which has led to some extremely creative storytelling in comics as of late. Just google the words ‘Saga’, ‘Descender’ or ‘Sex Criminals’ and you’ll see what I mean.

One of the unfortunate truths about the comics industry though is that doing creator-owned projects is hard.

Just because a creator is well-established with a list of credentials to their name doesn’t mean they get to work on their own projects. Many of them have had characters bouncing around in the backs of their heads for years, or a new storyline they’ve really wanted to explore.

One of the primary reasons why creator-owned projects are hard to do is that they’re usually back-end deals, meaning that writers, artists and colorists won’t see any money from their stories until well after they’ve done the work — and even then, it has to be a success for the creators to make a living.

That’s why together with my colleagues at Broken Frontier and over 40 inspiring comics creators, we are putting together the Broken Frontier Anthology. It’s a project that pays creators a good rate up front AND they still get to keep all of the rights to their creations.

Our talented line-up of creators comes from all over the world and they’ve all brought their own unique stories that they’ve been dying to tell, all built around the theme of breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown.

Artwork by Mike Lawrence

Greg Pak and Tom Raney have a soldier with a phantom limb fighting against ghosts. David Hine and Mark Stafford are setting the scene for an existential murder mystery. Fred Van Lente and Alison Sampson are exploring some interesting cultural norms with their female superhero. Marguerite Bennett is telling a tale of folk lore with a park ranger in Alaska. And Toby Cypress finally gets to draw his dream project complete with futuristic motorcycles and giant swords.

To make the Broken Frontier Anthology a reality, we’re going to need your help. That’s why we’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign featuring some amazing rewards. Help us fund this project and support creator-owned comics in the process.

Or, in the words of the aforementioned David Hine:

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that this kind of project gets the support of the readers who genuinely want to see more independent, creator-owned material.

Please join the Kickstarter campaign now and check out some of the book’s artwork below. Thanks!

Artwork by Robert Sammelin
Artwork by PJ Holden
An overview of all of the creators aboard the Broken Frontier Anthology