Canvas for facebook — a feed first experience

Last month I went to Eurobest festival and watched a keynote by one of facebook’s Creative Director about a new tool called Canvas for facebook .

There he presented some examples on how that tool could be used in the mobile platform (only). Brands such as Netflix, Prada and Citroen are already some BETA testers in some key markets in what he described as “feed first” experiences. And this is what I really think this becomes interesting:

facebook always wanted to keep people shackled “IN” the platform. Clicking to go to someplace else is not only boring but of control for the social network. With Canvas, our feed becomes a scrollable “microsite” if you will, with tons of options such as animations, videos, carousel photos, collapsable menus, etc.

It’s certainly exciting times and adding to a trend of vertical videos (mostly championed by the Snapchat effect), if might mean a completely new way of content production.

Here’s some initial examples, .

And here’s the agency that created NETFLIX’s “Narcos” campaign.

Open now for registrations: Canvas for facebook

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