Visit the Zoo Podcast is now live.

I wrote a 12-book series of books titled, “Visit the Zoo.” I described the lives, habitat, and peculiarities of over 120 animals that are featured in most zoos around the world. Hundreds of photographs, a majority taken by me, compliment the easy-read descriptions. Target market was children and young adults but feedback suggests that kids of all ages are enjoying this series.

Originally, about a year and a half ago, these books were just available in digital format as ebooks. But they are now available on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace. I took distribution one step farther and I am now offering an author read version, that’s me doing the narration, in audiobook form. The first three volumes of “Visit the Zoo” are now available on I took distribution even farther and have just completed and offered for sale my first video DVD for “Visit the Zoo” which includes the narration I recorded for the audio books and married that with stills, illustrations and video about the animals featured in Volume One. All 12- VTZ books will soon be available as audiobooks or as DVDs.

But being the ambitious person that I am I have just release the first three episodes from my brand new “Visit the Zoo Podcast.” Each Monday I will release a new episode that will include, Zoo Newz, three animal sound quiz, a chapter read from my “Visit the Zoo” books, and a poem or quotes from famous poets, writers, and personages from the past. I hope you will subscribe, rate, and review these podcasts. They are free for download and are currently available on iTunes and Google Play with more distribution platforms available in the future.

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So, enjoy all things “Visit the Zoo” and join me on my dedicated link at:

Till next time…Frederick Fichman