The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

You’re 100% wrong. No one who supports Trump needed him to come to the views they share. They certainly didn’t need Trump to tell them that the liberal media are corrupt. Nor that illegal immigration or uncontrolled Syrian refugees are good for the U.S. Trump came along and expressed the views that millions — millions — of Americans already shared based on observation and simple logic. As a former liberal I can tell you that I had no interest in Donald Trump as a person, as a celebrity, or as a political entity … until I heard him outline five major problems the U.S. is facing right now, and propose the very same solutions I had already come to on my own. The know-nothing liberal media deserve all Trump has said about them, and more. The latest example being that no one at the New York Times has even SEEN the “memo” that James Comey supposedy wrote, and yet they and a dozen other know-nothing media outlets are pushing it as grounds for impeachment. To quote a very intelligent friend of mine: “Just because you’re a reporter does not mean you can make things up and destroy lives … and because you work for the New York Times that makes you better?”

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