That’s the exact thing I’ve been saying… it’s not “how” mass shootings or street crime happen, it’s…
Wade Mason

Exactly which party do you think is mine? :P

These days I don’t claim either of them, I voted blue in every election prior to ’16 though.

And yes, gun enthusiasts have been screaming at the Left that murder rates have been dropping for decades to no avail. Funny how when Trump says that murder rates are high suddenly the Left starts talking about how low they are.

And I recently posted a lengthy response on Facebook to one of my elected officials (she asked, I didn’t just dump it on her randomly) and I listed drug reform as my number 1 priority. Sadly we didn’t have much choice in this election as Clinton would have barely touched the drug laws by the looks of it.

After all if she did and the crime rates dropped she would have lost a lot of her argument for dramatic restrictions on guns.

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