The meaning of a gun depends very much on its context, I suppose.
Chip Daniels

Not to sound too Libertarian, but one thing that they have right is that laws ARE threats of violence. So in reality you face threats of violence all day, every day. If you step out of line a cop may taze you, throw you to the ground and beat you, yes, even if you’re white.

As for the people wearing a Molon Labe shirt, remember this: They are wearing that because people like you are insisting that their rights be stripped away. If you stop attempting to strip away their rights, then the need to display their support of those rights disappears. The expansion of people making overt shows of their gun rights is, IMO, directly linked to the insistence on the Left that those rights don’t/shouldn’t exist. If you want people to stop making overt displays of their support for their rights, stop attacking them. Simple as that.

Also it probably won’t be me. I have no interest in either “side” in America today, neither of them are interested in what’s right for the country, and neither of them are interested in what’s right for me. If there’s a revolution I’ll be sitting it out.

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