Republicans Need to Understand: People are Mad. And They’re Mad at Them.
Jeff Allen

Trump is fighting their fight, sometimes, and with marginal effectiveness, but still. As long as he’s fighting their fight it will be hard to convince them to hand power over to people that they believe are going to destroy the country, especially when the Democrats frequently state openly that they want to do the very things that the Right thinks will destroy the country.

I really wish that I had saved that comment I saw on Facebook, a mini-essay that a guy wrote about Trump that compared him to Grant. Grant was a mediocre person, and Lincoln was being encouraged to let him go, Lincoln’s response was “I can’t spare this man, he fights.” because while Grant wasn’t a great person, he was an effective general. And that’s how many people view Trump, they may or may not like him as a person, but he’s fighting, sometimes, and that’s good enough.

Make no mistake, the Left wants to pretend that there’s no culture war going on, but there absolutely is, and Trump is a major part of it.

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