Democrats, please stop celebrating.

Yes, Doug Jones beat someone that never should have ran. let’s look at the reality of the future.

With the fringe element being trampled a bit by the electorate, the next elections will not feature these kind of candidates in red states. That is over.

In 2020, Doug Jones for Senate will face a Richard Shelby-like candidate that will win by 10–15 percentage points during a national election. The demographics of the state are not changing fast enough for this not to happen.

Other races will be impacted by this. The establishment Republicans can now point to the Alabama defeat as the basis for electing them and not the fringe. The fringe will not have the money or the power to make the right farther right (or however you’d like to describe them).

During this race down South, we saw on tv people that are blinded by facts, get their opinions in a small circle of closed mined people and will never change. Remember, they have children and grandchildren that they have persuaded to be like them. Their votes will continue.

Great job by the team that helped Jones win including Joe Trippi. Remember him? He was the campaign manager for Howard Dean He is back.

But, can the Democrats replicate what they did without infighting? That’s the answer. Get a great message for EACH district, PLUS a national message that will sway people. This is how to counteract that people that still think gays are evil, unlimited guns are a right and have absolutely no training or clue about international economics for starters.

Now is your time to seize the moment.