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.realestate is Coming

A trade association says you can’t have it first.

Just when thought you hated the old school ways of doing real estate and the culture of people that do it, now, they have snubbed you again.

The TDL (top level domain) .realestate will be available soon.

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) somehow wrestled control of the domain and is giving priority specifically to their members that have a .REALTOR domain. That domain is pricey at $39 and you are restricted on what name you can get. I am sure the .realestate domain will be priced the same.

After the .realtor list gets done, the rest of their members can get in on the deal. Once they are finished for a certain period of time, then it is available to the general public. After the brands are done, then the general public gets the slim pickings that are left.

Real estate

The internet is virtual real estate. Will this make a difference if a trade association controls a domain? It’s not like if the NRA owned .gun . Real estate is for everyone in one way or another.

Sure there are legal documents and possibly even precedent for this action, but this is about public perception. In the eye of the public, you just gave them a target of why to not trust.

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