Build Your App Audience

This article is a little different in that it contains no code. But, its equally important as code in that it shows you how to build an app audience so that you have some success when you do build your android application.

With middle income average stagnate over the past almost 50 years, everyone is hoping that the mobile-app-economy may provide a way to grab the American dream of owning a small business that builds mobile apps. Well, the first part is not wireframes or screen sketches but building an app audience.


I have not yet met Gary Vee, Gary Vaynerchuk for those who are not familiar with is business-ship videos or his wine videos:

His companies make millions of dollars in revenue yearly including his online wine library. He really understands how to use these new social network tools to have an ongoing participating-in online conversation that turns into organic ways to get sales. A lot of the techniques that I describe here are just re-applying what he has stated before and used.

His books on the same subjects are Crush It, The Thank You Economy and JabjabJab Right Hook.


Why build the app audience first? Because than you have an idea of the financial success of the android application. If you cannot build an audience base don the subject of that app than its very true that you will not make enough coin to match or exceed the costs of app development.

No matter if you are a small business start, Obama’s term, or full-blown start-up the core value you have to have or skill is building an audience. Without it your venture will fail.


You want to choose a small pond, first, to experiment in and play-in to practice your techniques and refine them. For example, in terms of number of viewers and members Medium is a small pond compared to facebook. So one might start out with posting articles to medium on the particular subject your android app might address.

But, when first starting out no-one knows your brand or connects your brand to user-name. Thus, we need the next step; forum-channel-it.


You will now do some on-line research to find a forum that caters to your android app subject. You can use google to do such a search. For example, if my android app was android app development than the google search indicates that the Reedit forum named androiddev is the forum I want.

The channel part of it is than posting article and post url links pointing to the social network pond that you choose to post into. This will start to increase the views of the social network posts and the amount of follows both on the social network and the forum you choose to use. At this point you want to make sure to return the favor and follow everyone that followed you.

AND, you want to pick out other articles both in the social network you have chosen and the forum and post comments that participate in that conversation and are on topic.


You will need to write the posts or articles with your own voice. Your own voice basically is that unique spin or hook that you put on the subject your are posting about. In my Medium Android Development posts my main hook is android development best practices.


You will not be good at writing and commenting on others posts at first. But, its a ‘muscle’ that can be exercised with practice to get better at doing so.

The best book on all-types of writing is William Zinsser’s On Writing Well. you should pick up a copy. Gary Vee’s JabJabJab,Right Hook covers the content specifics.


Strategy is non specific or general whereas tactics is something more specific. When you begin the work of obtaining a an app audience you need to solely focus on strategy as tactics comes later. What one needs to do is find a way or web site that allows you to find comments on social networks that you have chosen that are about the subject your posting about.

You will than focus your comment efforts in answering questions about that subject. This is not where you do the sale, its where you do the preparation before the sale. In other words the establishing brand work. The sales comes later as people begin to associate your social network user name with oh this person knows that as they than go to the site you have in social network profile as a link and give you an opportunity to make the sale.


The rise of followers and viewer number on posts will not happen right away. But, you do not need to see hundreds of thousands of followers and viewers either. You just need to watch for when the curve of the increases starts steeply climbing as than is when you know you can probably count on your android app on the subject having some measure of success.

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