Chicago Start-Ups, I DON’T DO COFFEE

Okay, so you are a co-founder of a Chicago start-up and need an android developer. First, let me congratulate you on realizing that the 68% of Chicago-ans with a smartphone in-fact 50% or more have android devices.

Second, let me congratulate you on your start-up success that lets you hire an android developer. But, you are not out-of-the-woods yet as its is challenging to find an android developer and you have that long steep climb towards the 1% of Chicago start-ups that do eventually IPO.

That being said, let me outline your pain points for you:

1. You want an android developer that develops the UX in the Google Material design Android context but than allow your iOS biased co-founder to demand that it match the iOS UX.

Well that cannot happen as physically the android devices have a different number of hardware buttons than the iOS one button and different screen sizes and footprints. You will have to be wise and put the co-founder iOS UX biases in-check to get the UX of the android application develoepd in such a way that the android users rave about and your start-up’s services.

2. You want your co-founder iOS biases to take control over what technology is choosen to accomplish the implmentation goals of the android java application implementation. That is not going to work of forcing an android developer to put their job on the line for a decision out of their control. Developers and Software Engineers tend to want such decisions within their control as they are bettign their job in such implementation choices.

Let me give you an example, Facebook’s Reactive.js is nice but like most Facebook beta things has an iOS bias to such an extent that theri are serious problems and limitations with the andorid implementation. It’s why most of us andorird devvloeprs have choosen instead to the use the stable non-beta Netflix RxJava extensions instead as those libraries are not beta and have other extensions that handle android specifics in the android context.

I have evven contributed to that efffort with some android specific rxJava libraries I have created.

3. You want an android developer with a whole bunch of android applications developed.

Unfortuantely, that does not guarantee finding an android develeper with solid java skills. I just code audited 50+ back-ported UI android libraries and found that the basic java skills lacking to such an extent that I had to clean up those 50+ libraries before relying upon them in developing android applications. And those developers of those 50+ libraries have androrid applications in Google Play Store.

Its not a whole lot of applications developed that develops and currates the android developer who is skilled in java. What you want to search for instead is someone who is pushing out android code on adaily and weekly basis as evidenced by the number of yearly commits, weekly, and daily commits as shown right on their github profile page. s to do that they had to develop a system of manual processes to gurantee the java code quality.

I specifically require you to meet me over a paid meal at my local McDonalds or Subway in order for me to step through presenting you with some code that I have pushed out showing some UI element demos and highlighting what java techniques were used for that basic reason. Because I am doing your work for you as you will not view my github profile and analyze it I am force but to direct the itnerview in such a way that it produces something productive regard-less of whether you hire me or not.

I do not have choice here as to address your pain-points so that regard-less of whether I am hired or not you reach a firm foundation of knowledge of what java skills and UX implementation skills you need to look for in an android developer and since you will not the recruiting pre-work to reach this knowledge I have to control the meeting-interview in such a way that advie and knowledge gets presented to you while at the same-time get ‘paid’ for such a consultation.

Hence why I do not do Coffee advice sessions but instead insist on the paid McDonalds or Subway meal at my location for that 3 hour session to present you advice and consel that you wil luse to find an android devloper whether you choose me or not.

And I do require you stay 3 to 3 hours as what I have to present inform of advice and consel takes a length of time to explain and present to you.

Hence I do not do coffee meetings but instead I offer an intensive 3 hour meeting in which you travel to my local McDonlds or Subway and pay for my meal and get 3 hours of solid and intensive java and UX implementation advice of how to implement an android application so that you have a solid base of knowledge to choose an android developer whether or not you pick me as yoru next android developer.

You see, I rather have an in-depth conversation where in fact I care about your start-up goals and your end-users rather than that broken-down hiring process of application forms and clue-less recruiters. I am sure that if you want that process instead someone might volunteer for that process, but I will not.

Thus, you have a decions to make of whether you want to endure a 3 hour session after you travel 40 minutes to my local McDonadls or Subway over a paid meal and get quality advice that you will use over-and-over again or have that 15 minute coffee session in which nothing productive is produced.

Care about your Chicago start-up and let me care about your start-up, PLEASE!?

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