The Start-Up Morality Play

Recently we have had tone deaf start-up co-founders and the like weighing-in on such things like inequity, diversity, etc with their typical tone deafness towards opposing views discourse. Some of that tone deafness opposition to oppoosing views was even at the level that most of us would agree would not be welcomed if it was directed at our own children.

I could ask where are the morals of the Tech Industry, but that might be a pointless exercise. Start-up people have this surviral

success worldview that states because they succeeded an opposing view-point can be shouted down(even to go as far as doing personal attacks to shut up that opposing view-point) as it was not successful like them. Its not limited to the start-up world as the Donald(Trump) has that worldview as well as several others.

And it is a very illogical worldview and view-point. A well known Angel-VC and start-up person shouts down social justice people and women. Really? He doesn’t even realize that he is training other start-up men to mistreat his own daughter when she does a start-up in the same manner. I do not imagine any parent would want such an illogical mistreatment of their daughter and yet we have that asine illogical behavior from a well known Angel VC.

So we cannot use direct logic on it is as its illogical in nature.

But, maybe we can use self interest. Perhaps?

Recently, in the 1950s, 1990s, and 2010s we have had dynamic and dramatic increases in productivy of workers not ony US-wide but world-wide. But, this time is a little different in that the whole world is having to move towards a non-industrialized way of work to produce the virtual goods and services consumers are buying and its still not enough to absorb all the world-wide JOB LOSSES from tehcnological disruption.

If we do not adjust and account for those jobs losses as a tech industry and as a start-up industry than that impacts the amount of virtual goods and services consumers buy with both their time spent on those services and buying them. Here is the whole kicker to why diversity matters.

The US start-up market is dwarfed by the billions of connected internet consumers in the Middle-East, India, China, etc. No VC in their right-frame-of-mind would look at that consumer money on-the-table and say not to take the money. And yet all this posionous start-up culture, organizations and processes and their effects are in fact doing exactly that act that VC’s get scared over, leaving-money-on-the-table.

IF the platforms that start-ups build are TRUELLY this inequity equalizer in that they give power to that one person who might be gay or lesbian, Muslim, Sik, Hindu, Atheist(some US founding Fathers were Deists which is just one question away form being Aethists depsite the religous right’s claim to the contrary), Wican, Female, Transgender, Jewish, etc to create a virtual good or service that might earn them some coin to have a small business THAN the tone deafness towards DIVERSItY has to be addressed as being tone deaf towards all consumers via DIVERISTY tends in a world economy to decrease the exact cosnumer spending that upholds the economic fabric of our world in this post-industricalized society. Yes, its a very long put in short-terms the tone deafness of the Start-Up Industry towards DIVERSITY threatens to eliminate the economic and time-attention spending of consumers that powers it in the first place.

I do NOT want to live in this WHITE-BOY-RICH-INEQUITY culture of disrespect towards opposing view points(The Trump way of shouting down opposing view points with personal attacks is not one of discourse or very intelligent). In fact I refuse to move to a start-up due to the overwhelming cultural posion with the typical US-based start-up. I do not want to have to feel embarassment in front of my kids and nieces and nephews due to the this posionous start-up culture.

But, more importantly if we as World-Wide economy have to account for all the job losses brought about by technological distruption than we have to make sure all those platforms built by start-ups welcome and embrace diversity not only in allowing diverse people to use the platforms but at its core foundation to NOT shout down opposing view points, BUT EMBRACE THEM, to not have a posionous work culture where others are afraid to stay as employees.

Yes, start-ups have a self interest here of promoting diversity as it helps refine and produce more products inccreasing revenues on all the platforms everyone uses. We have to use that leverage to have start-ups re-establish a fondation of morals and ethics that respects diversity and opposing view points.

And guess what? Even thougn its in the start-ups best interest to do this, they will not. I know of only one start-up that is a big platform right now that has at its core those morals and values(its somewhat noticeable as they refrain from showing up at the popular conferences where the posionous start-up culture kind of breeds..yes some of have guessed its Google, Inc).

Part of Paul Graham’s indrect implied points in the inequity essay is that with all these start-up technology platforms the amount of capital required to form a business using those platforms has moved downward in the food chain due to that virtual goods do not require much physical things to produce the products and as time goes on in the march towards technical dissruption it requries less and less programmers to produce any virtual good or service and its getting to the point where non-programmers can create the virtual goods and services. Or in short very controversal words..we HAVE THE POWER to fire the VCs like Paul Graham.

Not fully just yet. But, at the small business level we already have the platforms for a full run at firing the banker not only in the funding category but also in the creating the goods and services to sell. Obviously, those platforms were built by start-ups. And than leverage takes effect in that each success by those small businesses than can influence establishing the next big start-up by growing out of that small business.

Its up to us(Paul Graham was right even though his essay was extremely tone deaf, that it is up to us) to not accept the start-ups shouting down our views but to force start-ups to respect opposing view-points and cultures and embrace DIVERSITY.

Seth Godin has a book implying its Our Turn. Well it is OUR TURN. If we understand that in choosing not to accept the start-ups shouting down our opposing view-points and using the platforms start-ups have built to harness change we can force start-ups kicking and screaming to embrace diversity.

And by embracing that diversity all these start-up platorms than become empowering to all people world-wide instead of the start-ups just mouthing the word..DIVERSITY. And that empowerment will dramatically use that technology disruption to form large amounts of new small businesses that re-deliver a piece of wealth to each family.

What are you going to do when its your turn? Because right now its MY TURN and its YOUR TURN. The current start-up morals or lack thereof is no longer the Start-Ups Morlity Play. Its now our Morality Play to force start-ups kicking an screming to rush to DIVERSITY at light speed. Will YOU PLAY YOUR PART? WILL I PLAY MY PART? No matter what the start-ups do, its OUR PLAY…ARE WE GOING TO ACT?

We can either embrace change and diversity as a world or we can self destruct. ITS OUR TURN….

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