The Futility of (Narrow) Speculation About Machines and Jobs
Adam Elkus

Let us postulate a society in which machines can do *everything* (whose output can be measured) better than humans. Everything. Does that mean nobody will have jobs? It does not. The people who are saving money by automating jobs will want to find a reason to give that money to someone. because that is all you can do with money. If you can’t find a reason to give it to someone there was no point in buying the machine in the first place.

What reasons might they find for doing so? The one thing that computers will never do better than humans is … be human. I predict that as machines get more competent more and more jobs will be about being human. For instance I foresee a great many alternative therapy jobs, jobs that don’t exist now because we would think them ridiculous. Aura cosmetics, potential managers, life harmony coaches and the like. It will be a long time before astrologers find themselves automated out of their jobs. A very long time.