Want to start selling online ? Shopify is the way to go — wether you are a student, an employee or a retired professional !

E-commerce sales are booming in the United States and worldwide as shoppers turn to convenient ways to get the items they can’t live without. In fact, Shopify and other e-commerce websites account for over $370 billion dollars in the United States, with a projected growth rate of 17% each year.

For many, the allure of digital retail has become too lucrative to resist. If you’re in the camp of entrepreneurs who are looking to branch out into the eCommerce space, we recommend using Shopify to power your store.

Shopify — The Essential E-Commerce Platform for Entrepreneurs

Getting started with your eCommerce site can be done seamlessly with some tried and true platforms, like Shopify. With dozens of platforms to choose from, it is important to find the right fit for your business that will not require you to do extensive research to known how to use it. Shopify is consistently voted as the easiest and most comprehensive e-commerce platform to use when you first get started.

There are numerous advantages that Shopify provides for startups. Let’s examine a few of these benefits in this Shopify tutorial:

#1. It’s inexpensive. The profit margins in retail, even in e-commerce can be very tight. You don’t want to spend most of your money on the platform to then have dismal sales to try to break even. Shopify helps you to keep operating costs low without cutting corners and having your new business suffer. Plus, with the robust features Shopify offers e-commerce owners, their low monthly cost makes Shopify an easy and profitable choice.

#2. It offers a professional and visually sleek online storefront. Looks are everything, even in online shopping. You don’t want to have an online store that looks thrown together or does not exude credibility. Shopify gives you an instant visually appealing storefront that puts your best foot forward. Web visitors will be able to easily browse your store and feel comfortable with purchasing on your site. With Shopify’s numerous templates, you can also choose an online storefront that represents your brand.

Shopify’s theme design options can be customized with the help of developers and designers to build unique storefronts.

#3. Shopify comes complete with key marketing tools. Shopify was designed specifically for marketing, including startup e-commerce businesses. With this underlying mission, Shopify can help you keep the cost down as you spread the word about your business.

Their subscription packages include selling features to get your business up and running fast. With SEO features and advanced eCommerce analytics you can track how customers are finding you online and use this information to take your marketing to the next level. Plus, having the ability to measure your marketing ROI can ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck. And, with a finger on the pulse of your customers, you can customize blogs or social media advertising to speak to their needs and take advantage of popular keyword searches.

In addition to a comprehensive suite of SEO tools, Shopify also provides the ability to generate discount codes, integrate your social media profiles, create targeted email campaigns, and issue custom gift cards.

#5. It’s an all-in-one web hosting service too. Hosting your own shopping cart on your e-commerce site can be a challenging task. To do so, requires a high level of technical expertise and lots of time. Shopify offers an all-in-one solution for busy startups, at an affordable price.

Your Shopify subscription enables your site to be well-maintained on their servers and includes all costs associated with paying for hosting, updating the software (as needed), and handling the payment gateway. This way, you can do what you do best — run your business and sell your trendy products.

#6. Security isn’t an issue. With large-scale data hacks of customer transactions, revealing credit card numbers, online security is more important than ever. E-commerce startups are no stranger to hacks and internet trolls. Shopify invests big in their security infrastructure and focuses handling security compliance, creating hacker protection features and security upgrades. In fact, many of the world’s most prominent brands run Shopify stores. Brands like Tesla Motors, General Motors, and CrossFit — so you know Shopify is not a fly-by-night e-commerce platform that will leave you vulnerable to a cyber attack.

#7. You can take advantage of exceptional customer support. If you were to build and run an eCommerce site with developers, you’d be short of a customer service or support department. With Shopify, they are your go-to customer support department, all built into your monthly subscription cost. Shopify’s email, phone, and chat support are the customer service features you need to make sure your shop is up and running smoothly for all web visitors.

There you have it. Shopify is not only the most affordable e-commerce site on the market, but with an integral design that makes it easy to get your store up and selling — you can’t risk not using it. For more Shopify benefits and to tap into the growing list of features it offers, stay on top of leading Shopify tutorials.

Not sure what products / niche you should be in ?

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What may sell well on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress may not work on Shopify. You may probably have heard that selling hot Amazon or Ebay products is the way to go with Shopify — which is incorrect. Your shop (at least at the beginning) won’t be a supermarket-like store with millions of visitors per hour. The behavior of your visitor won’t be the same as one on Ebay or Aliexpress. There are high chances that your store is a brand new discovery for your visitor which means that you will have to gain and retain his trust in order to sell him something. The way you build your brand to be a stand alone shop will differ greatly than if you were just uploading a product on Amazon or Ebay. This is one of the reasons why the List is so important : it shows you how to present, market and sell products on an individual shop. No theory here, you will see how successful Shopify Stores are doing it.

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