Team leading is described as:

Ideally, leading a team would look like the picture above

I’m not surprised by how the author of “The happiest company in the world” took the effort to understand millennials. Any company looking for young talent should understand what the upcoming generations want. Companies need to adapt to stay relevant in, very likely, the most dynamic and interconnected age in…

When we first engage in a new task, our brains are working hard — processing tons of new information as we find our way. But, as soon as we understand how a task works, the behaviour starts becoming automatic and the mental activity required to do the task decreases dramatically.

Did you hear the term Akrasia before?

Whenever you “should do” something but resist doing it you’re experiencing Akrasia.

Akrasia is a general feeling that you “should” do something without necessarily deciding to do it. This “should” feeling doesn’t lead to decisions or actions even if the action seems to be in your best interest. Most people experience akrasia when considering:

Before writing about grim data. Let me share some good stuff: life expectancy has been growing steady since the start of the 1900s century, not only in rich countries but across the globe, the inequality (Gini coefficient) rates have also improved, child mortality has decreased globally to extremes that no…

It’s hard to argue that the foundation of learning is reading. To exemplify its importance let me share an excerpt from a Tom Peter’s interview:

“I have to tell you a story about a neighbour of mine in Massachusetts who would be on anybody’s top 10 list of [Warren] Buffett–like…

Some of us have become numb to some meaningful quotes reaching our feed. Whether is Linkedin, twitter, FB or any kind of social media, the true meaning of important messages start escaping our critical thinking. They get diluted with the exposition of other noisy notifications making it hard not to…

In a nutshell, it’s incredible user base growth (264.30% compound monthly during 11 months) that totals 1.5M users from Feb 2nd 2004 until the end of the year.

First Angel investor, Peter Thiel issued $500,000 in convertible notes which valued the company at $4.9M for a 10.2% of equity in August. In Peter Thiel’s words: “I was comfortable with them pursuing their original vision. And it was a very reasonable valuation. I thought it was going to be a pretty safe investment.”

If you don’t need the money to grow while executing you won’t have to dilute much.

FB User growth during its first 11 months.

This great quote from Gilbert K. Chestertone, reminds me a time when I had the opportunity to talk to a successful Japanese entrepreneur. He started a business from scratch during his college days. …

Many times, for startups, raising VC capital looks like a goal more than a means to a goal. Not all companies are made to be unicorns and when those companies take the wrong approach in partnering with certain VCs, that becomes their perdition. The VC game it’s a numbers game…

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