David Wippel You forgot all the “frontend is simple HTML+CSS”-frontend devs who also want the…
Arve Systad

Hi Arve! Thanks for your comment!

According the left-pad issue I think it’s well discussed already… But what is not mentioned that often is that it took NPM 2.5 hours to fix it, and the community stepped in and re-published a lot of the other modules within a very short time. That’s quite a remarkable community!

I do not agree making small modules is a sign if immaturity. It’s rather a new way to do development. Making small clean chunks of reusable code that do only one thing. Left-pad is actually quite a good example. Padding is not native in JavaScript, so it makes quite sense to make a small module for it so you don’t need to write the same lines of code every time…

And we kind of have some “base libraries” in JS. Take Lodash, a quite elegant utility go-to library, used in quite a lot of JS projects. It does utility stuff really well. And you Moment, the go-to library for date and time. And I can mention more… But have one large “base library”? Like a giant Bootstrap for JS? That would be quite a disaster for the community…

But you have a good point about maintenance. Most JS devs probably hate to maintain even two-year-old projects… It’s just too much things you didn’t know back then, and seeing a product that could be better is painful… I think it’s quite common to do continuous improvement over time, adding new technology and techniques as you go. If you are doing client work it’s probably done with other feature upgrade projects. But 10 years, that’s light years in web development… You probably want to do some heavy lifting and rewrite it to a NodeJS/React app anyway… 😂

And regarding your last comment, i do not think we actually disagree that much ✌️

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