Wow! I have just had exactly the same experience with Jorrit and Dirk from Iambnb in Amsterdam.
Chris Mason

Hi Chris,

I got a call today from Dirk about this very thing you (and I) have mentioned. Exactly 6 months to the date of when I first posted this article.

There was no harm in anything that happened to me on my trip, I was fortunate, there was a warm (this was winter) bar next door where I waited for over an hour (maybe 2?), not a bad place to stay indoors if you’ve got nowhere to be for 2 hours.

I was pretty upset 7 months ago when this happened to me, because it was black and white, no grey in-between, bait-and-switch, by the strictest of strictest definitions.

I’ll have a conversation with Dirk tomorrow to find out why he decided to contact me after 7 months of my initial feedback and 6 months of writing this article. I noticed that tripadvisor has inexplicably deleted an entire thread dedicated to their service that just started 12 days ago. That thread is still cached within Google, so I read someone (maybe you) complained over three pages of tripadvisor about the very same thing I wrote of.

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you coming in and leaving this here.


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