Great article! As an Airbnb host I like to see the perspective of Airbnb guests unfettered.
Jeffrey Score

Hi Jeffrey — Thanks for the insight on your experience as a host. I completely agree with your thought that if they are using a property manager, they should indicate that. For better, or worse, some people might want to go with a property manager who is experienced. Some people, like me, would prefer not to as the whole situation just gets reduced to a simple business transaction.

Especially, it was great to get your insight on the cleaning fees not being included in the cost. From your point of view, it would make the place just too unattractive in terms of price. From my point of view, the cleaning only happens once and keeping it separate just makes it a bit harder to see which option is better for me.

Anybody, like yourself, that has taken the time to create a 40 page manual on how to troubleshoot everything in the house, sounds like a concerned host. Hope you continue to find success on Airbnb!

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